Proof That Taylor Swift Changes Her Style with Each New Boyfriend

Proof That Taylor Swift Changes Her Style with Each New Boyfriend
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Has anyone else noticed that Taylor Swift immediately changes her look to reflect her boyfriend’s personal style? For example, shortly after she went public with her very real relationship with Tom Hiddleston, she toned her platinum hair back down to its usual dark-blonde hue. White-blonde was perfect for dating a virtual unknown famous DJ, but not so much for a reserved, cultured, classy 35-year-old like Hiddleston. Ditto to those leather jackets and all-black ensembles she’d step out in while in her last relationship, with Harris wearing pretty much the exact same thing on her arm.

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As she circles the globe on some sort of crazed PR tour with her new man, here’s a quick glance back at her ex-boyfriends and her style choices, which are related to each other in such a direct way that it’s kind of astonishing. From her preppy looks while dating Conor Kennedy to the pop princess style she emanated in the era of Joe Jonas, here’s a flashback at her various sartorial preferences, from 2008 to the present.

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Joe Jonas: July 2008–October 2008

OK, yes, it was 2008, and Taylor Swift was only 18, but her fashion sense during this time can only be described as pop-princess-dating-a-member-of-the-Jonas-brothers. Whether appearing in a strapless, baby-pink, ballerina-inspired number at the VMAs or a gold sequined minidress with black flats earlier in the night, she was trying to convey that she was the kind of girl who could hang with a guy partial to white satin suits.
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Taylor Lautner: August 2009–November 2009

Taylor and Taylor may have been short-lived, but she didn't hesitate to adapt her style to his tout de suite. On a shopping jaunt to Alice+Olivia on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles, Tay almost completely echoed her BF's laid-back look, wearing the same jeans, boots, and casual tee as he wore.

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Here, Tay and Tay amped things up a bit—Lautner went with a leather jacket, and so, of course, Swift had to try to be edgier too, wearing a black shirt with silver studded epaulets at a hockey game between the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Los Angeles Kings at the Staples Center in L.A. (Also, Swift is not known for her love of hockey, if you know what we mean.)

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John Mayer: November 2009–February 2010

Though she's still wearing epaulets, 19-year-old Swift went with much more elegant ones when she started dating 31-year-old Mayer about five seconds after things ended with Lautner (hmm, there's a pattern here). Swift quickly ramped up her wardrobe to make herself appear older and more age-appropriate when she started up with Mayer.

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No baby-pink ballerina dresses or gold ice-skating frocks here. A few days later, Mayer barely changed clothes, but Swift appeared onstage alongside him at Z100's Jingle Ball in NYC's Madison Square Garden with a flapper-inspired minidress, shorter hair, and a single, sparkly bracelet in her best attempt at looking classy, practically shouting to the world, "Yes, I'm old enough to date him!"

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Jake Gyllenhaal: October 2010–January 2011

When Gyllenhaal blazed on the scene in late 2010, there were no fancy cocktail dresses or rocker-chic ensembles to be seen. In November, this flash-in-the-pan couple was spotted in Brooklyn, and Swift emulated Gyllenhaal's Patagonia-and-a-beanie look with blue jeans and a girly coat, looking more youthful with lighter hair and less makeup. Swift was even captured wearing her own beanie and a plaid scarf that same day, when they were joined by Maggie Gyllenhaal and her daughter, Ramona.

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Conor Kennedy: July 2012–September 2012 

Along came a Kennedy, and Swift's closet was suddenly full of preppy collared shirts, vintage dresses, and full skirts, the likes of which had never been seen on her willowy frame before. This new look was perhaps the most astonishing to date, as Swift adopted a completely new way of dressing for the few months they were together, giving Kennedy a run for his (old) money.

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This red-and-white-polka-dot bikini proved that Swift was imagining herself to be some sort of modern-day Jackie Kennedy, with a vintage vibe and a red lip (and a Kennedy in hand).

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Where did all of these vintage dresses come from? Where did they go when Swift and Kennedy broke up? Swennedy's relationship begs the deep questions.

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Harry Styles: December 2012–January 2013

Swift must have thought Styles's approach to fashion was similar to Gyllenhaal's, because she's basically wearing the exact same outfit here that she wore on her famous maple latte date with Gyllenhaal in Brooklyn a year and a half before. Though her style grew more whimsical during her time with the One Direction crooner, it was decidedly more casual than it was while she entertained the fantasy of becoming a Kennedy.

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Perhaps Swift figured out that Styles really is basically the younger sartorial version of Gyllenhaal, and responded accordingly. Though Styles is 13 years younger than Gyllenhaal, the pop star is the spitting image of the older actor in his beanie, jacket, and jeans.

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On a night out, Styles dressed up and Swift followed suit, matching her look to his—it must be pointed out that they are practically wearing the same boots—and letting fans know that they were a quirky, boho couple. Let's just say you wouldn't have seen Swift wearing a gypsy dress, harness, and worn ankle boots on date night with Conor Kennedy.

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Calvin Harris: March 2015–May 2016

Aaand cue the rock-star vibes once again. Swift's romance with the DJ led to an almost immediate re-adoption of her earlier edgier looks circa 2010, when she was trying to impress her much-older boyfriend John Mayer.

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When they were a new couple, Harris and Swift stepped out together in NYC with his-and-her casual-cool daytime looks. But they were just getting started. Over the course of their doomed yearish-long relationship, Swift would bleach her hair white-blonde (showing it off on her Instagram by shilling for Harris's single with Rihanna), appear out and about with Harris in head-to-toe black (with matching leather jackets), and generally match her style to his—while his style stayed the same throughout.

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Tom Hiddleston: June 2016–Present

You will not find a black leather jacket within a mile's radius of Taylor Swift right now, as she has pulled a full-on 180, hastily ditching those downtown looks she so favored while dating Calvin Harris to dress exclusively in clothing that screams "I am a grown-up!" From the very first sighting of this "couple," Swift has favored looks that appear restrained—and in some cases, such as this one, downright dowdy. (See also: the confusing pullover thing she wore while on a walk with Hiddleston's mom.) One thing is for sure: You wouldn't have seen Swift in this getup holding Harris's hand.

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Within about five seconds of the start of her "relationship" with Hiddleston, Swift had changed her hair color back to a more natural blonde (and then some, taking it down a few notches to a much mousier tone), just in time for a walk through Essex, England, with Hiddleston and his mom in quite possibly the most most mature outfit she has ever worn in her entire life.

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Galoshes? A cable-knit sweater? A head wrap?! Swift's latest boyfriend transformation is complete. Hiddleston wears pretty much the same thing in every shot of them together—a button-down shirt and belted pants, or some variation thereof—while Swift has been furiously pulling out all the stops to match his look without delay.

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