Survey: 65% Of Women Insist Their Men Change Shoes Before Going Out

Meghan Blalock


Let’s face it: sometimes, stereotypes are true. And when it comes to women critiquing their men’s shoe choices, that seems to be the case. According to a just-released survey of 1,000 professional men and women conducted by menswear shoe brand Allen Edmonds, 65% of professional women admit to “insisting their men change their shoes before going out.”

“Young professional men significantly underestimate the power of shoes in a successful romance according to most women,” the study continues. Proof: professional women are more than twice as likely to say shoes reflect their date’s (or husband’s) fashion sense (64% for women; 34% for men), personality (52% for women; 24% of men), financial position (36% for women; 18% for men), and attention to detail (54% for women; 12% for men).

However, that’s not to say that men don’t care at all about their footwear. Quite the opposite is true: 68% of executive men (and 60% of young men) ask their significant others for fashion advice. And nearly half (46%) of young men say they’re “concerned” about how their shoes will be perceived by potential dates.

We can’t say we’re surprised by these results; we learned from another survey earlier this summer that men’s taste in women’s shoes is, at times, questionable. So why wouldn’t the same be true of their own shoes? We’re also definitely not surprised to hear that women wrap up all kinds of meaning in the types of shoes men choose: fashion sense, personality, and even financial status.

It’s like Cher Horowitz taught us years ago: “You see how picky I am about my shoes, and they only go on my feet.”


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