Survey: 89% of Men ‘Disapprove’ of Beyoncé’s Short Haircut (Of Course They Do)

Meghan Blalock

beyonce short hair

Just in case you live under a rock, Beyoncé debuted a new short haircut on Instagram last week. Since people tend to freak out whenever any female celebrity chops off her hair, it’s no surprise that there’s been much “debate” about the singer’s new look, especially since she’s renowned for her epic hair whippings on stage.

beyonce dancing

A new survey conducted by dating auction site found that of 8,266 adult males polled, a whopping 89% “disapprove” of Queen Bey’s new cut. Only 11% of dudes claim to “approve” of her blonde pixie.

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Interestingly, the site conducted a very similar survey earlier this year when superstar Miley Cyrus cut off all her hair; at the time, 94% of men disapproved of Miley’s short hair.

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As it turns out, both of these ladies have no reason to care what random dudes think about their hairstyles—it takes a bold woman to chop off all her hair to begin with; and both of them are banking so much net worth that they are basically beyond criticism when it comes to their appearances. But it’s still interesting to see results like this; and it again raises the question of why men just can’t seem to get onboard with chic short hairstyles on women.

It’s 2013, y’all! Get over it—not every modern woman needs to have long flowing waves like a “Real Housewives” cast member!