New Study Reveals Men Are Self Conscious About Their Bodies When They Go On Vacation

Meghan Blalock

shirtless men

The days when our men used to lounge around on the beach with not a care in the world are over, ladies. According to a study that recently emerged from the U.K., 20% of men are now “anxious” about how they look in their swim trunks on the beach.

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The survey, conducted by British menswear brand Jacamo, also found that 10% of men spend more money getting ready for the beach—training, tanning, and so forth—than they spend while they’re actually on vacation. Sound familiar, ladies? The sunny  days of summer already seem a thing of the distant past, but the memories of getting ready to sit on the beach in a teeny bikini are still quite strong.

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An even more startling statistic: of the men surveyed, the average man spent $180 on various training and treatments to get their bods ready for the sand. That means some spent less, but some definitely spent more.

It’s hard to imagine the James Deans of the world prepping this much for a casual trip to the coast, but then again: we also recently learned that men are more actively interested in shopping than women. Times have definitely changed!

What do you think about this study? Does your man spend more time than you prepping for vacay? Let us know below!