Melania Trump on Jewelry, Jet-Setting & The Donald’s Signature Style

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Melania Trump on Jewelry, Jet-Setting & The Donald’s Signature Style
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Don’t underestimate Melania Trump. While many may dismiss the Slovenian former model as a trophy wife thanks to her stunning looks and marriage to American real estate and reality television mogul Donald Trump, her roles as mother and mogul-in-training are way more important to her than being another society figure splashed across Page Six. While the Trump family is constantly faced with media attention regarding Donald’s rumored presidential candidacy, Melania stands by her man no matter what — and has also designed some pretty snazzy jewelry in the process.

Her latest collection Melania Timepieces & Jewelry returns to QVC tomorrow, June 6th at 7:00 PM EST and June 7th at 1:00 AM EST. Check out our chat below and click through the gallery above for a first-look at the collection.

Spencer Cain: Tell me about the new line, did you have a particular inspiration?

Melania Trump: I love fashion, beauty and design. It’s always been in me and it’s very creative what I’m doing. It’s great to see the ideas that you have come to life when you see the first samples. It’s great after conceiving and designing it when it finally arrives and you are completely satisfied and can wear it for multiple occasions. The inspiration for this line comes from three cities that I call home: New York, Paris and Palm Beach. New York is oriented towards businesswomen who could wear the jewelry to the office and could go from morning to night, to the cocktail parties. The Palm Beach collection is designed more for sporty elegance. It’s when you’re playing golf, when you’re on the beach, when you’re playing with your child. It’s kind of vacation time. The Paris collection has a little bit more sparkle. Everything is chic, but Paris is a little bit more for a special occasion.

SC: What would your favorite be of your collection?

MT: They are all my favorite! Also, they represent my lifestyle. I travel a lot, I live in those places. They are inspired by my lifestyle. I am a mom, I am a wife, I am a businesswoman. It’s just a balancing act, and you do it all. I would wear all of my pieces, when I play tennis, play golf, or play with my son Barron, or have a meeting in the office. They are amazing pieces because you can wear them for many, many different occasions. You can mix and match them. They’re very versatile.

SC: What are your favorite summer destinations?

MT: I love to visit Europe. I travel every year to Europe with my six year old son Barron. Every summer, I like to show him one or two new cities. I got to travel a lot when I was modeling, so I really like to show him new destinations — and new feelings. Not everything is the same here as it is in America. It’s so different in Europe. I love to travel, and we will do that every year, all around the world.

SC: What are your summer style essentials?

MT: Summer is a little bit more casual, it’s a time for sporty elegance. I love a simple mini-dress with maybe flats if you need to walk around a lot. I like wearing something very comfortable. White jeans with a beautiful blouse or a beautiful flowy maxi-dress is perfect. You can pair it all with hoop earrings and bangles. And you know I love high heels. My favorite right now are the Pigalles by Christian Louboutin. They are very comfortable and very chic.

SC: What is your all-time favorite item in your closet?

MT: My favorite one is my wedding dress designed by John Galliano. I also have an Alexander McQueen dress designed for me from the Met Gala in 2005. I also have other dresses by John Galliano. All of the couture pieces! I love Dior, Valentino, and you know, it just depends on the collection. I can always find pieces from the designers that I love.

SC: Tell me about your husband’s style. Do you do anything for him? I know a lot of wives shop for their husbands. 

MT: No, I don’t, because he likes to be in a suit and when he’s casual and playing golf, he loves to be in a golf outfit. So, for everyday, he’s in a suit and tie. He normally wears a Brioni suit and a Brioni tie and for him that’s a uniform. I like him the way he is. I think it’s very elegant, chic and put together. I really like the way he chooses his pieces, and he usually wears a blue or black suit.



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From left to right, all $49.50 Pale Blue/Silvertone Watch Silver/Goldtone Watch Black/Goldtone Watch Pink/Silvertone Watch Orange/Silvertone Watch

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Melania Set of 3 Pave Stack Rings, $39.50

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Pale Blue/Silvertone Watch, $39.50

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