Nobody at the CMA Awards Was All About That Bass: Watch the Horrified Reactions


At last night’s Country Music Association Awards, pop darling Meghan Trainor was invited to perform her butt-celebrating anthem “All About That Bass” with country queen (and, maybe, her separated-at-birth twin) Miranda Lambert. While the duet was cute—Miranda’s voice fit the song perfectly—the crowd didn’t seem too enthused. In fact, they seemed downright horrified.

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While Lambert, 30, and Trainor, 20, were singing, the camera panned to “cool” country couple Faith Hill and Tim McGraw who couldn’t be bothered to fake a smile, while Lambert’s hubby Blake Shelton was doing just that—clearly faking a manic grin. A few more pans of the camera showed that the most of the country crowd are pretty adept at holding a steely gaze.

This fact didn’t go unnoticed by YouTube commenters, who quipped things like: “Since when are all the country artists stuck up I mean if you looked at the front row they weren’t even moving smdh like stuck up snobs. They used to party and have a good time now suddenly everyone is Republican Smfh lol wow next year leave those asses at home .”

Interestingly, some parts of the crowd seemed a little more approving of Ariana Grande—even more bubble gum than Trainor—who also showed up to perform her pop radio stalwart “Bang Bang” with country group Little Big Town. Though the camera didn’t cut to any folks specifically, some front-rowers can be seen standing up and dancing.

Clearly, the people behind the broadcast wanted to appeal to a more diverse audience, and country singers likely weren’t thrilled with their show being co-opted by pop stars and their blasphemous lyrics. Although, truthfully, singing about loving your booty and bang-banging isn’t that different from singing about whiskey, shooting down your man, and one night-stands during which you were so drunk you forgot your own last name (ahem, Carrie Underwood.).

Man, it’s times like these we could really use a little front-row Taylor Swift, amirite?

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Watch both CMA videos below and let us know your thoughts.

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