Meghan Markle Was the Target of a ‘Racist’ Chocolate Ad, and People Are Pissed

Meghan Markle
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Meghan Markle‘s wedding to Prince Harry on Saturday was a moment of celebration—until a German chocolate company ruined her big day by making fun of her skin color in a now-viral advertisement that is being called “racist.”

To congratulate the 36-year-old actress on her inauguration into the British royal family on Saturday, Super Dickmann’s , a Germany-based chocolate company, posted a picture of a chocolate-covered marshmallow on its Facebook. The picture, which showed a piece of chocolate in a wedding dress with a crown and bouquet of flowers, was accompanied with a German caption that translated to: “What are you looking at? Wouldn’t you also want to be Meghan today?”

Specifically, the picture showed a Schokokuss, a popular German sweet. Above the illustration were the words “Foam in white” in German, which many considered to be a pun for the marshmallow’s creamy interior and a play on the phrase “a vision in white.”

Meghan Markle Racist Chocolate Ad

Photo: Facebook

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Immediately, Super Dickmann’s was criticized for its ad, with many calling the company “racist” for comparing Markle, who is half-African-American and half-white, to a chocolate-covered marshmallow. “Saw Dickmann’s commercial and want to set something on fire,” one person commented, while another called the ad a “acist crapshit.”

Since the controversy, Super Dickmann’s has taken down the picture and apologized. “A big pardon! The world of Super Dickmann’s is colourful and diverse and far from racist thoughts,” the company wrote on its Facebook. A spokesperson for the brand also told the BBC that the post was “stupid and embarrassing.”

However, not everyone was happy with the company’s apology. After its response, many customers continued to criticize the brand for its blasé reaction to the controversy and hoped that there would be a financial backlash as well. “Pathetic campaign, pathetic response. I hope there will be financial consequences for you,” one person commented.

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Since rumors emerged that she was dating Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex has faced an onslaught of racism. The situation became so bad that her now-husband issued a statement criticizing people, including those in the royal family, who have discriminated against Markle for her skin color and background.

And while we hoped that Markle’s wedding would open a discussion about diversity in the royal family, acts such as Super Dickmann’s proves that many still haven’t accepted her role as a mixed-race duchess.

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