Meghan Markle Might’ve Just Hinted She Wants Baby Archie to Have a Sibling Soon

Meghan Markle & Baby Archie
Photo: Shutterstock.

Spending so much time at home even has these royals convinced that trying for another baby is a good idea. According to a “friend” of the Duchess, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry want more royal babies soon—which means at least one more “little buddy” for their 11-month-old son, Archie. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to see another royal bundle of joy?

While baby Archie is gearing up for his first birthday party on May 6, mom Meghan, 38, might already be thinking ahead to another first: A sibling for Archie! The Daily Mail reports that an anonymous source (who is apparently one of Meghan’s close friends,) spoke to the Duchess of Sussex recently to catch up on her post-royal plans and life in California. Followers of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would know that she and husband Prince Harry, 35, recently moved to Los Angeles following their royal exit. And while the biggest thing on their mind is simply learning to adjust to their new world, the Mail’s source claims that they might already be planning to grow their family in the States.

Speaking on Meghan, her “friend” told the Mail that “She joked that he [Archie] needs a pint-size little buddy other than the dogs. Meghan lit up when she spoke about Archie. She said he’s a bundle of energy and prefers playing over sleeping.”

As for how the youngest royal has been spending his days, apparently, young Archie might have musical leanings. According to the source, he’s “fascinated with his mini-instruments and likes banging on whatever he can. He also likes it when daddy teases him and plays the harmonica. He thinks it’s funny.”

Meghan reportedly added that “Archie is quite the character and loves to laugh,” and “that he’s a happy baby.” Now that’s the kind of baby Archie update you love to hear!

Based on what a sweet kid Archie is shaping up to be, we aren’t surprised Meghan and Harry are getting baby fever again. Everything the Mail’s source said pretty much lines up with previous reports about the Duke and Duchess’ plans to expand their family. A source with Us Weekly recently shared, “They’ll be trying in earnest pretty soon,” for another child. But first, they’re not necessarily in any rush.

“They just want to get firmly settled into their new surroundings first and give Archie as much attention as they can,” the Us Weekly source added. “They’re still enjoying these precious early days with him. They’re committed to having another baby, but don’t want to put too much pressure on the situation.”

Which, during these wild times, sounds like a perfectly good idea. If (and when!) Meghan and Harry have another baby, Archie’s little sibling would be eighth in line to claim the throne. But we don’t think the royal order of succession is much of a concern for these two—another “little buddy” sounds like more than enough.