Um, Meghan & Harry’s Glitchy Charity Site Redirects to Kanye West’s ‘Gold Digger’

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry
Photo: Tim Rooke/Shutterstock.

Someone call tech support because Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s charity site redirects to Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” music video. Fans discovered that the website for the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s new charity, Archewell, redirects to the music video for Kanye and Jamie Foxx’s 2005 song due to a greedy internet user who bought their domain before they could. Whoops.

Meghan and Harry announced their new charity, Archewell (which pays tribute to their 11-month-old son Archie), on Tuesday, April 7, but when fans clicked on the organization’s link,, they weren’t directed to a page about the royals’ good deeds. Instead, they were were redirected to Kanye’s “Gold Digger” music video, which seems like shade toward poor Meg. “Uh oh. As of 7 April, if you enter in in your browser, it actually links to Kanye West’s – Gold Digger video on YouTube,” one user tweeted at the time.

Since the news broke, however, the glitch has been fixed, but Meghan and Harry’s website still isn’t live. (When fans type in the URL for Archewell, they receive a page where the address could not be found.) As for Meg and Harry, the couple announced their charity a week after their final day as “senior members” of the British royal family. The couple announced in January that they planned to take a “step back” from their royal duties to move to Canada to raise Archie. Since then, the two have relocated to Los Angeles for “work,” as Meghan comes out of retirement from acting. (The former Duchess has since done a voiceover for the Disney+ documentary Elephant.)

Meghan and Harry’s new charity also comes after their split from The Royal Foundation with Prince William and Kate Middleton. After their split from The Royal Foundation—which they had been apart of for years—Meghan and Harry announced their own royal charity, Sussex Royal The Foundation, however that organization also shuttered after the couple announced that they will no longer use the term “Sussex royal” to promote any of their businesses.