This Meghan Markle Lookalike Is So Uncanny, She’s Won a Contest for It

This Meghan Markle Lookalike Is So Uncanny, She’s Won a Contest for It
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Meghan Markle‘s come-up can be described as one of the most dramatic in Hollywood history. One minute she’s a supporting character on a television show, and the next, she’s one of the most talked-about women on the planet whose wedding will be broadcast into millions of homes. Naturally, with that level of fame, a doppelgänger would come out of the woodworks to claim their spot. Lo and behold, that’s exactly what happened.

Lukwesa Morin, a woman from Washington D.C., is going viral for how much she looks like the 36-year-old royal-to-be. In an interview with The Daily Mail, Morin claims that she’s heard comparisons to Markle since 2011 when her television show, “Suits,” debuted. “Since ‘Suits’ became popular, people have been telling me every day that I look like her, from perfect strangers to my family,” Morin said.

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Now, after Markle broke the news that she’s engaged to Prince Harry, the lookalike comments escalated to an all-time high. “Now, since the engagement, I’ve had even more comments with people saying ‘Are you Meghan Markle, are you going to marry a prince?'” she said. “Even my own mom has said, ‘Oh my gosh, if only Prince Harry met you first!'”

Despite being 11 years younger than Markle, Morin credits her resemblance to a similar mixed-race background. “I’m only 25 but we’re both mixed race, my father is French and my mother is from Zambia,” Morin said.

Cleary, Morin isn’t the only one who sees the similarity. For some, her resemblance is so uncanny that she beat out hundreds of other lookalikes to be crowned the supreme Meghan Markle doppelgänger in a contest hosted by the dating site, Beautiful People.

But don’t expect Morin to marry into the Royal Family anytime soon. Though she would love to meet a prince, Prince Harry (and likely his relatives) aren’t her type, admitting that she’s “not a big fan of redheads” and she’s “never dated a ginger.”

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Here’s where we ask: Do Morin’s Markle-esque looks go down in celebrity lookalike royalty or is she just another commoner? Take a look at her pictures below and decide for yourself.