A Woman Got $30K Worth of Plastic Surgery to Look Like Meghan Markle & We’re Shook

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For a long time Angelina Jolie was the face everyone wanted. But now it seems plastic surgery patients are forgoing her big lips and chiseled jaw for the Duchess of Sussex’s more refined and full features. Well, at least this one patient went for a Meghan Markle look-alike plastic surgery procedure. Markle has definitely inspired women around the world with her passion, warmth and, of course, fashion sense. But for this attorney in Houston, Texas, simply dressing like the Duchess was not enough. She changed her whole face to achieve her aim.

Xochytl Greer recently dropped $30,000 on plastic surgery to make sure she looked exactly like the royal mom-to-be. ABC’s Nightline followed Greer throughout her journey last November. Now, she’s sat down with Entertainment Tonight to discuss then results and explain how the transformation has affected her life.

Greer was a fan of Markle well before her royal days. The attorney initially became a fan of the actress when she starred on Suits. “I really liked her character, Rachel Zane. I thought that she was a strong woman… She came off very wholesome, very conservative,” she explained. Once Markle started dating Prince Harry, Greer became an even bigger fan.

“She’s like our very own American princess, right? So I love that,” Greer gushed. “I love that she gets to portray America and kind of represent America into this royalty now! I enjoyed it because it thrust her into the spotlight even more.”

To look like Markle, Greer, a single mom of three, went under the knife.

She had fat graphs put into her cheeks and her buttocks, then underwent liposuction on her abdomen and her inner and outer thighs. She also had fillers put into her jawline, lips and underneath her eyes. She had a nose job to finish up the transformation.

“Once all the bruising went away and the swelling went down, I looked in the mirror and I just felt happy again,” Greer explained.

She even said her youngest daughter now confuses her mom for Markle. “She’s like, ‘It’s mommy on TV! It’s mommy!’ and I’m like, ‘Nope, that’s not mommy,'” Greer said with a smile.

Greer said she initially received some hate for going to such extremes. “I was at first getting some very nasty messages telling me I look nothing like her, that I should be asking the doctors for refunds. I deleted those comments and made myself private and kind of moved on,” she said.

And as a final message to the Duchess of Sussex? “One thing I’d like to say is just, ‘Thank you for being authentic, thank you for being who you are and being authentic, and not trying to be who the media wants you to be, or who anybody else wants you to be,'” the lawyer said. “‘Thank you for representing America well…thank you for just being you.'”

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