We’re Hearing Meghan Markle Is ‘Jealous’ of Kate Middleton for a Surprising Reason

Kate Middleton & Meghan Markle
Photo: NIC BOTHMA/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock.


Everyone just has that one difficult family member, don’t they? We all know that Meghan Markle’s “jealous” of Kate Middleton rumors keep coming from one such familial foe: Samantha Markle, a.k.a. Meghan’s elder half-sister. The 54-year-old spoke to the British tabloid, Daily Star Online, this weekend to comment on recent allegations that Meghan and Kate’s feud continues to rage on.

In a similar vein to what we’ve heard ever since Meghan and Prince Harry’s decision to “step back” from their roles and duties as “senior” members of the royal family last month, Samantha Markle continues to add fuel to the fire that is Kate and Meghan’s relationship. Samantha, who has claimed in the past to have “raised” Meghan for 12 years in California, according to the Daily Star, now sides with Kate all the way.

Speaking on Meghan and Harry’s big announcement, Samantha says it is “Sad [Meghan] would do that on Kate’s birthday—I believe she was jealous of beautiful Kate.” While the royals are known to indulge a little bit of shade from time to time, such an accusation takes this to a different level.

Displaying her allegiances in full force, Samantha added that she much-preferred Kate’s public image over her own sister’s. “[Meghan] could never compare—Kate is iconic! Perfect Queen material and lovely as a family member,” she said, “especially as a mother.” She also sang high praises of Kate’s fashion: “I was impressed with how Kate could make a $200 dress look like $2 million.”

We’re not interested in pitting two women against each other, so do with Samantha’s comments as you will. We’ll just be thinking of some of Samantha’s closing comments on Meghan: “She received so much negative public scrutiny as a result of actions that were inappropriate,” she said. Funny how that very statement could be applied elsewhere.