Meghan Markle Might Write Her Own Instagram Captions & Here’s How We Know

Meghan Markle
Photo: Shutterstock.

A royal first! The internet is convinced that Meghan Markle writes her own Instagram captions based on a clue from a recent post. The former Suits actress and her husband, Prince Harry, took to the official Duke and Duchess of Sussex Instagram on Sunday, December 1, to announce the 12 organizations they will follow in December. (In case you didn’t know, the royal couple highlights a handful of charities each month by promoting them on their Insta.)

“With the festive holiday season upon us, it’s also a reminder to reflect on those in need – those who may feel lonely, hungry, homeless, or may be experiencing the holidays for the first time without loved ones,” the caption read. “It’s an important time of year to help those around you who may be less fortunate, or who would appreciate even the smallest act of kindness.”

Sounds sweet and super professional, right? Well, according to several fans from the United Kingdom, the caption is a telltale sign that Meghan writes the couple’s Instagram captions. How do they know? One simple word: holidays.

“In Europe we say ‘Christmas’ not ‘Holiday’!” one user wrote. Another commented, “I’m sorry but it’s called Christmas not festive holidays.” Several commenters pointed out that the word “holiday” is often used in the U.K. to refer to vacations (as we call them in the states), which is why the use of “holiday” to describe Christmas and other December celebrations raised some eyebrows as to who really writes the captions on the @sussexroyal Instagram account.

That wasn’t the only clue either. Other fans pointed out that the styling and spelling of words also indicated that an American (like Meghan) may be behind the couple’s captions. In April, the account used a “z” when spelling “re-energized” instead of an “s,” which is more common in British style.

Of course, it’s not that shocking if Meghan writes her own Instagram captions. I mean, I do it, and so do most celebrities. But it is unusual to see a royal work the ‘gram themselves, especially given how formal their captions sounds and how they probably have a staff to manage their social media. I guess the mystery of Meghan and Harry’s Instagram captions continue.