Meghan Markle Is Now A Magazine Editor So Basically She’s The Coolest Royal

Meghan Markle.
Photo: Image: Shuttershock.

She said yes to royal life and has now said yes to editing a major magazine issue—what can’t she do? Meghan Markle will be British Vogue’s magazine editor for the 2019 September issue. She is also penning a personal essay, which will be included in the issue, alongside a photoshoot of the Duchess at Frogmore Cottage. We know summer is great and all, but now we’re thinking that fall can’t come soon enough!

This won’t be Markle’s first stab in the editorial world. Markle founded and edited her own (now-deleted) lifestyle website, The Tig. The former actress shut down the website roughly two years ago when she took on more royal responsibilities, but now it seems she’s looking to dip her toe back into the water. Well—it’s more like a dive headfirst into the deep end. Because here’s the thing: the September Issue is huge. For every magazine, particularly one as esteemed as British Vogue, September rules the roost. It’s often the largest issue with all of the fashion trends for fall and winter. Basically, Emily Charlton’s head would explode if she knew about this opportunity. (And for those of you scratching your heads wondering who Emily Charlton is, allow us to remind you—she is Miranda Priestly’s oh-so-bossy and oh-so-prissy and oh-so-powerful assistant in The Devil Wears Prada. You’ll remember her for the one liners like, “I refuse to be sick. I’m wearing Valentino, for crying out loud,” and “Oh I’m sorry, do you have a prior commitment? Some hideous skirt convention you have to go to?”)

So Emily’s reaction to Markle’s editor title? We’re assuming it’d look something like this:

the devil wears prada Meghan Markle Is Now A Magazine Editor So Basically Shes The Coolest Royal

The Devil Wears Prada.

According to a source at Us Weekly, Markle won’t only be editing the magazine—she’s going to write an opinion piece. Hmm…wonder what topic she’ll choose. We know the Duchess of Cambridge must have a lot of informed opinions on what’s going on around the world—we’re looking forward to hearing from her on this level.

Markle will also reportedly be, “bringing a selection of female change-makers on board to write their own personal essays,” so that’s above all else is something to get excited about. Just Meghan Markle was already incredible. If you add some of her friends to the mix—say Priyanka Chopra? Serena Williams? Amal Clooney?—this is going to be one truly incredible issue.

The issue will also feature never-before-seen photographs of the Duchess. They’re set to take place at Frogmore Cottage—here’s hoping we’ll get a glimpse at Prince Harry and little baby Archie, too!