Meghan Markle Was Just Passed Up for a Disney Role Due to ‘Controversial’ Royal Drama

Meghan Markle
Photo: Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images.

The Duchess of Sussex is trying to make the most of her “financial independence” from the royal family, but things haven’t been working out for her quite as planned. Meghan Markle was snubbed for a Disney role recently, according to one unnamed film executive who spoke to the Daily Mail on March 1. Apparently, the 38-year-old former Suits actress is too much of a “controversial figure” for the company, ever since her and 35-year-old husband Prince Harry’s royal exit.

According to the Mail’s source, there are “limited plans” for Meghan to secure a role and return to acting so seamlessly. “Meghan needs Disney more than Disney needs Meghan,” the source shared. “She’s a controversial figure.”

And while there have been rumors of Meghan’s Disney work, this source alleges this only includes voiceover opportunities—not a leading role. “There have been reports of a deal but that’s not true beyond the voiceover work,” they shared.

Meanwhile, other sources with The Mirror have claimed that Meghan is interested in bigshot Marvel films. Her Hollywood agent, Nick Collins, is reportedly seeking superhero opportunities. “She has already done a voiceover for Disney and now word is out that she’s looking for a superhero film, as a voiceover or even on screen,” says The Mirror’s source.

As for Collins, “he has said she wants her return to acting to be part of an ensemble cast in something like a superhero film,” a source close to Collins shared with the publication. “He’s actively seeking such a movie for her. He’s saying she is available and open to the best offers.”

But this source is also worried that audiences wouldn’t be able to forget Meghan’s drama with the royal family. “People won’t be able to get past the fact she’s Meghan Markle,” they suggested.

While this is all just the opinion of one anonymous source, it does make some sense. Meghan and Harry have been treading on careful ground ever since they announced their plans to step back from their roles within the royal family.

Though conversations with the Queen and her royal council were initially civil, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have since fielded restrictions and judgment from the royal family. Queen Elizabeth II herself decided to strip them of their royal titles in Feb. 2020, and later banned them from their use of the word “royal” in any personal branding—whether commercial or charitable.

All that said: Who wouldn’t pay to see Meghan back and thriving in her career? Our Duchess and actress.