Meghan Markle’s Dad Has Been Trying to ‘Contact’ Her Ever Since She Moved to Los Angeles

Meghan Markle
Photo: Chris Jackson/PA Wire (Press Association via AP Images).

One sure hopes that if Meghan Markle’s dad Thomas Markle contacts her in LA, it’s to settle their legal battles and strained relationship once and for all. We can hope, right? The truth is, we may never really know why Meghan’s father is reaching out to his daughter this time around. According to Us Weekly, Meghan isn’t entertaining his attempts at communication.

A source tells the outlet that Thomas, 76, has been “continuing to try and get in contact” with Meghan, 38, ever since she and husband Prince Harry, 35, moved to Los Angeles following their royal exit. Thomas—who lives in Mexico—has reportedly been “sending letters to the house” where Meghan and Harry live in an attempt to reconnect. Yet according to Us Weekly‘s source, the “letters remain unopened” by Meghan.

Meghan’s relationship with her father has been rocky ever since he got roped into the British media’s feud with the Duchess. The retired lighting director was reportedly photographed leaving a store with a pack of cigarettes and beer in the months before Meghan’s wedding. After the photos were published, Thomas attempted to turn the narrative around by staging fake paparazzi photos of himself getting ready for his daughter’s big day just weeks before the wedding. The photos ranged from images of him working out, studying from a book entitled “Images of Great Britain: A Pictorial Tour Through History,” and attending a tuxedo fitting.

“This was a presentation to me to change my image because for the last year photos of me were always derogatory,” Thomas revealed in an interview with Good Morning Britain. “They’d take pictures of my hand grabbing beer, in my car, taking the garbage out.”

He added, “They’d take all kinds of pictures of me to make me look negative, so I thought this would be a good way to improve my look. Obviously, all that went to hell. I feel bad about it, I apologize for it, and that’s all I can do.”

Following the incident, Thomas was admitted to the hospital for a heart procedure and did not end up attending the royal wedding. “”Sadly, my father will not be attending our wedding. I have always cared for my father and hope he can be given the space he needs to focus on his health,” Meghan said in a statement at the time.

Yet as part of Meghan’s lawsuit against The Mail on Sunday, as well as its publishing company, Associated Newspapers Unlimited, it was revealed that Thomas’ reason for not attending runs deeper. The tabloid published excerpts of a private letter between the Suits alum and her father written following her wedding. After this breach of privacy, a spokesperson for Meghan revealed that Thomas’ “refusal to attend the wedding on 14 May was a result of him being so publicly shamed by the Defendant for having staged paparazzo photos, a fact which the Defendant deliberately seeks to ignore in the Defence.”

While the lawsuit is still ongoing, here’s hoping that Meghan and her father can settle things more quickly than it takes to see what happens with the Associated Newspapers.