Calling All Insomniacs: We Found a Meghan Markle-Approved Way to Fall Asleep Easier & Shoppers Says It’s ‘No Joke’

Katie Decker-Jacoby
Calling All Insomniacs: We Found a Meghan Markle-Approved Way to Fall Asleep Easier & Shoppers Says It’s ‘No Joke’
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You’d think that after a full day of work and all the other responsibilities of a newly-inducted adult, falling asleep would be the easiest thing in the world. Personally, I’ve found that it’s quite the opposite. I’ve tried melatonin, ASMR, counting sheep and just about everything else out there. I’ve always been hesitant to jump on board with wellness-centric sleeping products. Are they just a gimmick or do they actually work?

Well, folks, I’ve found a remedy that is far from a sham, and it’s backed by Meghan Markle herself. You probably spotted Clevr Blends’ SuperLattes on Oprah’s Favorite Things List this year. A product that has both Meghan and Oprah’s endorsements? Quite frankly, that’s unheard of, which is when I knew the brand’s new Sleeptime SuperLatte had to be legit. 

Another quirky fact about me: I don’t really like warm beverages simply because they’re too hot for my ultra-sensitive taste buds. So, it’s quite a feat to get me to whip up a sizzling mug of Sleeptime SuperLatte. The final verdict? It not only helps me to wind down at bedtime, but also tastes delicious. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. 

“I no joke have been sleeping better since ending the night with this nighttime latte,” wrote one shopper who gave the product a perfect five-star rating. “It tastes so yummy, froths really well and tastes like a mix between chocolate, vanilla bean and caramel. Seriously so good.”

The Sleeptime SuperLatte calms the mind and body, and makes falling and staying asleep a total breeze. The star ingredients behind this magical wellness blend are sleep-supporting botanicals like adaptogens, herbs and amino acids. Mixed with carob, chicory, vanilla, oat milk and coconut cream, what could be better to consume right before knocking out? It’s been so relaxing to sip slowly on Clevr Blends’ Sleeptime SuperLatte while my heartbeat slows, thoughts quiet down and eyes shut (translation: while I PTFO).

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Clevr Blends Sleeptime SuperLatte

Courtesy of Clevr Blends.

This blend’s key ingredients include valerian for inducing a gentle drowsiness, passionflower for calming anxiety, hops for promoting quality sleep, adaptogens for soothing stress and L-theanine for lulling the mind. Based on this list, you can tell Clevr Blends took a holistic approach to how they created this product.

Did we mention it tastes like a malted caramel and vanilla milkshake? No overwhelming or off-putting flavors for the win! Plus vegan creamer, made from oat milk and coconut creamer, brings all the frothy goodness to this drink. We should clarify that Sleeptime SuperLatte, despite its name, is completely caffeine-free, of course.

To blend the perfect sleep potion with this product, pour three tablespoons of the powder into hot water and then froth. It’ll only take you 10 seconds to make it, which is perfect for when you’re about to head to bed and feel like a zombie. Pro tip from yours truly: add a splash of oat milk at the end to give your drink a little extra creaminess.

“I was so excited to see this mix when it came out and it does not disappoint. The flavor is delicious and mild, and reminds me of a sweet milk latte,” wrote one reviewer. “It’s a nice treat to start my going to bed ritual. I’m totally hooked and subscribed!!”

With some sleep remedies, grogginess definitely leaves its mark the next day. However, I don’t feel dazed at all after waking up the following morning, which is a huge bonus. I don’t have to worry about missing my 15 different alarms and sleeping through work or being so sluggish and disorientated that I can’t function properly.

“I rarely sleep through the night, but this actually put me right to sleep and kept me there, even with cramps that would usually keep me up. Love, love, love!!”

With all this talk about sleep, I think it’s about time to wrap up this story and let you add Clevr Blends’ Sleeptime SuperLatte to your cart. Get ready for nights of deep, uninterrupted sleep that’ll have you feeling so well-rested the next day.

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