Meghan Markle Just Pulled The Ultimate Outfit Repeater Hack With One Of Her Best Looks

Meghan Markle Just Pulled The Ultimate Outfit Repeater Hack  With One Of Her Best Looks
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There’s no better feeling than wearing an outfit you feel really good in. I’m talking about the outfit you put on that makes strangers stop you on the street to give a compliment—the one you want to wear over and over again. It appears that Meghan Markle knows the exact feeling. We’ve been graced with a repeat of one of Meghan Markle’s best looks and The Duchess of Sussex used one of the best tricks in the outfit-repeating handbook: buying a look in multiple colors. 

When you’re trying something on, it may initially seem silly to buy multiples of the same thing but Meghan Markle just proved that it is so worth it if you feel great in the outfit. So what was Markle’s outfit repeat of choice? A tailored Givenchy set. 

The Duchess of Sussex’s set consisted of a tight pencil skirt with front flap pockets and a matching fitted top with elbow-length sleeves. She wore an all-black version of the look yesterday to the United Nations in New York City where her husband, Prince Harry was giving a speech for Nelson Mandela day. 

The Givenchy set is the perfect combination of elegant, modern and professional which is right in line with Markle’s personal take on royal style. It’s no surprise that if Meghan Markle is going to repeat a look from a designer, it would be Givenchy since the brand designed her wedding dress.

STYLECASTER | Meghan Markle Best Looks

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She kept her accessories very simple with gold bracelets, stud earrings and black stilettos. Per usual, Meghan Markle had a Mulberry bag in hand. 

Noticeably, the biggest difference in Markle’s appearance since the last time she last wore the Givenchy set was her hairstyle. The Duchess of Sussex is clearly keeping an eye on the trends and wore her hair in a slicked-back ponytail with a center part—a look that had yet to become the number one hairstyle back when she originally wore the Givenchy look back in 2018. 

Since the United Nations event was in New York City, Markle fit right in by opting for an all-black look, a stereotype of New Yorker’s color preference. Fittingly, Meghan Markle wore the set in a deep green color when she visited Ireland in 2018—which to be fair, is significantly chicer than a green Guinness sweater. 

STYLECASTER | Meghan Markle Best Looks

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Besides her side-part, Meghan Markle’s iteration of the Givenchy look in 2018 followed the same overall format. She wore almost no accessories and wore nude suede heels instead of black ones. Instead of a Mulberry tote, she carried a brown Strathberry one. 

Beyond the lesson Markle just provided in impactful outfit repeating, she also has given us some insight into successful shopping. By focusing on timeless silhouettes, neutral tones and high-quality material instead of gravitating toward quick trends, Markle has ensured the longevity behind the clothing options in her closet. This is a great way to create a signature style (we all still associate biker shorts and oversized sweatshirts with Princess Diana) and add significance to a special clothing piece.

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