How Meghan Markle’s Beauty Has Changed Since Becoming a Royal

STYLECASTER | Meghan Markle Beauty Evolution
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The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle (born Rachel Meghan Markle) did not have a predictable or classic rise to British royalty—and the world (including us) is obsessed with knowing everything about her. Over the past year, UK Google searches for the duchess were more than double the amount of those for her sister-in-law Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. However intriguing and atypical as her life is, the Duchess of Sussex has kept it fairly consistent with her beauty evolution. She has favored a bold eye with a nude or pale pink lip and blushing cheeks.

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Her longtime makeup artist, Daniel Martin, Dior brand ambassador and Honest Beauty creative color consultant, has been working with the new royal since her Suits days and did her famously natural beauty look for the royal wedding, for which Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex thanked Martin repeatedly.

Martin shares with StyleCaster that the makeup process on the morning of the wedding was pretty easy and one of his favorite looks of hers that he’s done. “[There were] no restrictions! I knew what she wanted from the start, so our time together that morning was seamless,” says Martin.

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Both the Duchess’s and Martin’s lives have grown tremendously and simultaneously in the past couple of years. And so has their professional relationship, which has quickly turned into a friendship. Though glamming a Duchess is cool, Martin’s favorite part of doing Markle’s makeup is the “laughing, catching up on mutual friends and talking about cooking.” “She has great recipes to share!” he says.

After living in Los Angeles as an actress for most of her career, Markle was used to attending events and knew when and where to play with her beauty looks. “There’s a time and place to wear a lot of makeup, and she understood that, but in her real life, she keeps it simple,” Martin says.

As the adopter of a fairly simple and sophisticated beauty archive, Markle has also become more and more comfortable with doing her own makeup, according to Martin. And though she mainly stays with her natural and neutral tones, Markle has become more experimental with her makeup—even daring to wear a deeper lip, a bold shade Martin previously told People that she would never do. “She’s gotten darker on the eyes and played around with a deeper lip too,” Martin says.

As we continue to shine a spotlight on the royal mom-to-be, we’re sure the world will follow closely, wondering what products she uses (Martin isn’t allowed to reveal those coveted secrets) and how to re-create her hair in a loose bun or soft curls.

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