Watching Megan Thee Stallion Twerk To Lizzo’s Flute Just Cured My PMS

Aramide Tinubu
Megan Thee Stallon
Photo: Shutterstock.

When two queens link and deliver an epic display of Black girl magic remixed with some Hot Girl Summer we have no choice but to bow down. This video of Megan Thee Stallion twerking to Lizzo’s flute is more than we deserve. Both of our queens have been heating up the summer and stanning for women’s empowerment and body positivity.

Lizzo’s album, Cuz I Love You, will make you want to bathe in a life of self-care. Meanwhile, Meg’s bold and badass Fever will have you dancing and declaring your hot girl status. Therefore, when these ladies linked up, we knew it was going to be soooo good.

We all know that Lizzo–who is a classically trained musician, kills the game when it comes to her flute flows. Therefore, when she pulled out her instrument, we all expected Hot Girl Meg to throw some iconic lyrics over the beat. Instead, the Houston hottie delivered a twerk that was heard around Beyoncé’s internet. Not only did Meg twerk to the sound of the flute–she made sure that her ass moved in time with the beat.

Both artists shared the clip on their respective Instagram accounts. Meg captioned the video, “down south little mermaid.” Meanwhile, Lizzo said, “When Ariel, Ursula and Nala link up.” The “Juice” singer tagged Beyoncé–obviously–as the stone lion statue in the video. She’s clearly Ursula and she referred to the “Cash Shit” rapper as Ariel because of her ruby red hair.

Whew, Meg has the strongest knees on earth.

Clearly, everyone lived for the epic display including The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil saying, “This is the best video on the internet.” We would have to agree sis.

However, Lizzo and Meg’s meet up involved more than just twerking. Though the “Tempo” singer was born in Detroit– he was raised in Houston, like Meg. To cement their city and their friendship, Thee Stallion welcomed Lizzo to the “Hot Girl boat” by pouring cognac down her throat–which is also a video worth watching.