Megan Thee Stallion Celebrated Her Grammy Wins With Her New BF—Here’s What to Know About Him

Megan Thee Stallion
Photo: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP.

It’s true: Hot Girl Meg is officially taken. Fans first learned about Megan Thee Stallion’s boyfriend in February, but it wasn’t until Meg won big at the 63rd Annual GRAMMYs that we finally caught a glimpse of her out and about with her new boo. The duo celebrated together at an afterparty following music’s biggest night. But their outing still left some fans with more questions than answers—like, who is Megan Thee Stallion’s boyfriend, exactly? And how did they meet?

Well, for starters: Megan Thee Stallion’s boyfriend is rapper and songwriter Pardison “Pardi” Fontaine. Like Meg, the 31-year-old is no stranger to the music industry, but that isn’t the only reason why Meg was drawn to him. In an Instagram Live on February 19, the “Savage” rapper confirmed they were dating and touched on some of his loveable qualities, while also taking the time to shut down any haters:

“People don’t know what the hell they talking about, they just be saying anything,” she began. “I didn’t like what they was trying to say about Pardi ’cause he is so calm and so sweet and very protective. And I really like him!” The Houston-born star went on to gush about her new man, adding at one point, “I never said hot girls can’t have boyfriends.”

Honestly, all that matters is that if Meg’s happy, we’re happy. But that doesn’t mean her fellow hotties also can’t do some detective work! So, without further ado, keep on reading for everything we know about Pardi, a.k.a. Megan Thee Stallion’s boyfriend.

He’s worked with Cardi B and Kanye West.

While Pardi has released some of his own music—his debut mixtape, UNDER8ED, was released in 2019—Megan’s boyfriend is best known for being a songwriter for huge acts like Cardi, Kanye, Lil Nas X, and even Ed Sheeran. He was the mastermind behind the original version of Cardi B’s “Be Careful,” which she took and added some of her own verses to in order to create the version we all know today. He went on to work on most of her 2018 album, Invasion of Privacy

“Every time we work together, it’s amazing,” Pardi told People in November 2019 about his working relationship with Cardi. “I decided she was going to be my home girl. So, it was like a perfect match.” He continued, “She’s really passionate about her music, you know what I’m saying? She takes a lot of time to do things right. Repetition, repetition—she wants everything to come out perfect. She’s a real perfectionist with it all and a real hard worker, too.”

Working with Cardi eventually got Pardi the attention of none other than Kanye West, who tapped him to write verses for his 2018 album, ye.

He’s also a Grammy-winner.

We all know Meg picked up GRAMMYs of her own for Best New Artist, Best Rap Song, and Best Rap Performance at the 63rd Annual Recording Academy Awards. But did you know that Pardi *also* won a GRAMMY Award that night? Megan’s boyfriend was a co-writer on her 2020 “Savage” remix featuring Beyoncé, which means that when she nabbed her Best Rap Song award for the track, Pardi got to share it with her too. Talk about music couple goals!

He has an adorable daughter.

Pardi’s daughter, Jordy Jr., was born in November 2016 and makes frequent appearances on his Instagram profile. In one post, the rapper described his daughter as “the most beautiful song I ever made.” Too cute!

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