Megan Fox: “Transformers” Star Getting Huge Paycheck for Armani


On Wednesday, Emporio Armani announced that Transformers actress Megan Fox will be the new face modeling jeans and underwear for the brand. And today an anonymous source leaked that Fox will be getting seven figures for the endorsement deal. Anything that Fox touches seems to be hot at the moment, so we imagine this to be a wise move for the Italian design house. Hell, we wouldn’t be surprised if men started popping into Armani womens boutiques nationwide…you know, just to “look around.”

The 23-year-old actress’ new salary is proof that even in times of recession, companies are still dishing out the big bucks for a celebrity name to back their brand. And on the flip side, celebrities are also in serious competition for these endorsement deals. Don’t be fooled into thinking this opportunity landed in Fox’s lap–the premeditated collaboration has been on the actress’ radar for awhile, with her PR team pushing her to wear Armani to red carpet events and introduce herself to the designer during Paris Fashion Week. See, celebs have to use their networking skills too! Success story right here.

Speaking of Megan in her underwear…It looks like Brian Austin Green is going to have the pleasure of seeing her in her underwear long after the Armani ads are gone. Megan Fox married Brian in June of 2010 in a private ceremony in Hawaii.