Megan Fox Reminds Men and Women That She’s Flawless

Rachel Siegel

Coming a long way from her role in the Olsen’s Holiday in the Sun, (dig out your DVDs, she’s on there!) Megan Fox graces the covers of both Elle and Esquire in one month, reminding us of her acting chops why she’s become such a rising star. Being toted as the next Angelina Jolie, it’s pretty difficult to deny the similarities with a Mr. and Mrs. Smith styled Esquire cover, and the kind of beauty that women envy and men drool over.

Not exactly winning over any female fans, Megan’s interview with Elle includes how she likes to have men eating out of the palm of her hands, while showing off her 22-inch waist. But before anyone hands out any Photoshop awards, Esquire has provided a video of Megan’s photo shoot and yes, she really is like a life-sized (albeit naughtier) Barbie.