Megan Fox & Josh Duhamel Star In Hilarious Oscars Trailer

Spencer Cain

As we all know, organizing the 84th Academy Awards this year was sort of a disaster. The show’s producer, Brett Ratner, stepped down after going on a rampage, making homophobic remarks and offending just about everyone in the world, and then host Eddie Murphy bowed out as well.

The just-released Academy Awards trailer is hilarious, and makes fun of the events. It also stars a slew of A-list talent, like Robin Williams, Josh Duhamel, Vinnie Jones, and Megan Fox. It’s unclear as to what exactly Megan Fox is doing here. But I love her, so whatever.

Anyway, the spot, called “Off the Grid,” involves the above crew trying to locate veteran Oscar host Billy Crystal. Watch the hilarious video below and get excited for the big show.