Megan Fox Joins Instagram, Posts No-Makeup Selfie

Megan Fox joined Instagram yesterday (a little late in the game, but hey, she has two kids) and her first photo was—what else?—a selfie. Or, more specifically, a no-makeup selfie.

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“First IG selfie. Early morning no makeup,” the 28-year-old actress captioned the snap. In the photo, her thick eyebrows, long lashes, and prominent lips are front and center.

Fox also decided to forgo using her her real name, and instead choose a screen-name-y handle “the_native_tiger.”

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During the past year, it seems several celebrities including Rihanna, Beyoncé, Jennifer Aniston, and Demi Lovato have taken to Instagram to post selfies with no makeup, a pretty gutsy move for stars known for their decidedly un-average looks.

In Megan’s case, she still looks every bit the bombshell, probably thanks to a mix of the Walden filter, and the fact that her features are pretty perfect (and potentially the result of plastic surgery. No judgement—just speculation.)

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