Megan Fox is a Man-Eater


For those of you who are still watching Juno and enjoying that warm fuzzy feeling Ellen Page and teenage pregnancy gave you, prepare for that to come to a very abrupt and gory end. Diablo Cody, writer of last year’s cult phenomena, has released the trailer for Jennifer’s Body, a tongue-in-cheek horror flick starring Megan Fox as, ahem…a man-eater. Literally.

Fox clearly relishes her role as a cheerleader possessed by a demon whose choice past-time is seducing and consuming teenage boys. (There’s a safe sex lesson in there somewhere…) The film also stars Amanda Seyfried from Mamma Mia and Adam Brody with eyeliner.

Diablo Cody is known for her biting humor and witty dialogue, so being scared and fascinated by this trailer is completely understandable. Honest to blog.