Meg White Gets Married in Jack White’s Backyard


When I break up with (or am dumped by, whatever semantics) a boyfriend, I generally blindly assume that said person will never know love again. I imagine they will spend their remaining years pining for me over Ben and Jerry’s wrapped in a comforter with all their lights off wondering, “What is she doing now? How could I have been so stupid?” I mean, not that I hold grudges or am self absorbed but… I mean… I’m a catch…

Well, very different from my approach to dealing with ex-es, Jack White opened his home to his ex-wife and band mate Meg White for her wedding. (Wow that’s disgustingly cute…) Meg White married Jackson Smith on Friday May 22nd in Jack White’s backyard in Nashville. Jackson Smith is the son of Patti Smith and the late Fred “Sonic” Smith the guitarist for MC5.

In an intimate ceremony for friends and family, Meg White and Jackson Smith were married alongside “Little” Jack Lawrence (Jack White’s bassist for The Dead Weather and the Raconteurs) and Jo McCaughey in a double ceremony.

Congratulations to all the happy couples! Claps hands wildly…