Meet Terry Richardson’s Parents In His New Book

Spencer Cain
Meet Terry Richardson’s Parents In His New Book
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We’re all used to Terry Richardson in his element. That element being a bare bones studio with a nude, gap-toothed model; a Ritz Carlton with a just married Kate Moss smoking cigarettes and rolling around on Egyptian Cotton sheets; or Omen – the downtown New York Japanese restaurant where he takes literally every celebrity. His latest book, titled Mom & Dad, takes us out of our comfort zone regarding Terry’s work, and puts him in his.

In Mom & Dad, Terry’s subjects are his eccentric parents – and trust me, that make sense. Terry’s mom has a gap tooth that puts Lindsey Wixson to shame, and flaunts her middle finger and chain smoking like the best of ’em. Meanwhile, his dad’s subdued nature reflects Terry’s nonchalant attitude. Clearly, the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree.

Mom & Dad is a 2-volume set that follows Terry’s father through illness and eventually death, as well as his mother through an accident that leaves her somewhat paralyzed. The heartbreaking and vivid portrait of an artist’s life is sure to expose the public to another side of the man we have come to revere. Click through the gallery above for a look into Terry’s life, and check out the book publisher’s web site for a better glimpse.

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