Meet The Stylist: Deborah Ferguson’s Vivid World

Kerry Pieri

One of the imperatives of fashion styling is passion for the job. With the constant traveling, pure volume of ready-to-wear, accessories and shoes to work with, temperamental personalities of artistes and overall schlepping involved, if you’re not in it for the love of fashion, you’re simply not in at all.

Deborah Ferguson, the stylist behind Frances Tulk-Hart’s “Love Is A Flower You’ve Got To Let Grow,” is in it for the love of the game. We sat down with the style junkie, known for her chic Interview, Elle and Nylon editorials, not to mention celebrity styling, and successful street style blog to chat London in the ’80s, working with a couture master and mass fashion.

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Styled by Deborah Ferguson

What was your experience like growing up in London and eventually attending Central Saint Martins? How did it affect and shape your styling aesthetic?

Growing up in London for most of my life and going to college there had a great influence on my style because there was music and art everywhere, especially through my college days at Saint Martins. It was all so intertwined, so radical, so experimental and so fearless. In the ’80s in London in those formative years it was incredible I couldnt be in a better city because it was the perfect mix of young people not worried about anything and doing exactly what they wanted in fashion. Where else would you get that? Maybe Japan?

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Styled by Deborah Ferguson

Youve worked with the incredibly creative John Galliano as a design assistant. What did that experience bring to your career?

The aesthetic then had more focus on inspiration and on researching and resources and knowing every period of fashion, because thats what Gallianos design studios were interested in most deconstructing periods of fashion. He had an amazing amount of influence on my styling.

You had so much enthusiasm for the Topshop pieces used in our Garden Story editorial. Why did the Fall collection appeal to you, what made it special, especially as a mass brand?

I attended the Topshop show in London for the Autumn collection. I loved the mixture of textures and fabrics; it felt to me like a ready-to-wear show with a very expensive brand. It just had an amazing tailored edge to it. The styling was incredible Katie Grand did a phenomenal job. The hair and makeup were exceptional. They stepped it up five notches.

97467 1281623768 Meet The Stylist: Deborah Fergusons Vivid WorldCourtney Love styled by Deborah Ferguson

What is the draw of styling editorials versus ad campaigns for designers?

I love styling fashion editorials because you dont have a client giving you direction thats going to help sell their clothes you just have yourself and a team as a client. Whats relaxing about that is if you have the right team, youre pushing yourself to another level, which is a great time.

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Kate Lanphear from Deborah’s Street Style Blog

You launched a street style blog. What spurred that?

It was inspired by the same things that inspire me as a stylist. I love street style that has nothing to do with designer clothing, but about individuals who create their own style. I feature younger people willing to take risks and not follow RTW trends but create their own.

Youre a London girl, but you now live in America. What motivated your decision to join us across the pond?

I came to America in the first place because I had an overload of work coming this way which was very celebrity oriented both actors and recording artists, and it kept me very busy. I could still enjoy the best parts of fashion and editorial without having to run back to London every other month. Fashion for me is the most fun thing that I do, and Ill always make time for it in my schedule even if it means no weekends off.

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Styled by Deborah Ferguson

All images courtesy of Deborah Ferguson

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