Meet One of Coachella’s Most Talked About Bands


After a three-night, sold-out show with Holy Ghost at NYC’s Terminal 5, our favorite head-bopping synth-pop Australians are headed to Coachella on April 15th to, quite frankly, rock the freaking house. Coming off their third studio album, Cut Copy has mastered their tone, churning out dance-hall favorites from their latest release Zonoscope.

Fusing electro pop with a perfect dose of Hipster sugary fun, Cut Copy has taken chances with their latest record mixing choirs, electronica, 15 minute plus captivating tracks, and best of all, a prominently sounding cowbell (whose appearances arent put forth enough). With some downtime in Atlanta, StyleCaster chatted with bassist Ben Browning about convenient clothing, accidental black eyes, and most importantly the presence of mixed nuts.

You’re constantly on the road What staples do you never leave home without?
A couple of good books, a laptop, a camera and plenty of changes of underwear. I’m learning that moisturizer is essential after long flights as well.

What’s on your iPod’s right now?
Toro Y Moi, The Strokes, Atlas Sound, The Kinks, Beach Boys.

Where in the world are you right now? What’s been one of the craziest experiences that you’ve experienced on this leg of your tour?
I’m in Atlanta. The two craziest things that have happened on this tour are: I nearly got left behind in Copenhagen with our guitarist Tim, and I got an accidental black eye in Paris.

There’s been a story floating around that you guys wear jackets a size too small as a way to force yourselves out of your comfort zone? Fact or fiction? And if there’s truth to this, how did it originate?
That is pure fiction. Tim would be offended to think people thought he would wear poorly fitted clothes.

Everyone has good luck charms those that you will admit to and those that you’ll take to your death. Do you guys have any items that bring good luck?
I wear a necklace that reminds me of my girlfriend. I never take it off.

What’s on your backstage rider? That’s what I really want to know.
Good quality red wine from Chile or Argentina. And mixed nuts.

How would you define the style choices you guys rock? Convenience over aesthetic?
Hard to say. It’s probably a mixture. I tend to lean on the side of convenience.

What do you miss the most about Australia?
We left a warm summer to tour Europe and Scandinavia barely out of winter, so I miss the sun a little. And the people of course.

And before you go, the weekend is about to kick in, meaning its time to celebrateor at least those at your shows will be. What is your drink of choice?
Freshly squeezed orange juice. It can’t be beaten.

Photo: Timothy Saccenti

Yale Breslin is a freelance fashion/cultural writer who has honed his skills in his hometown of Toronto and currently resides in New York City. As the former digital director of V Magazine and VMAN Magazine, Breslin has contributed to such internationally recognized publications and online endeavors as Wonderland, Man About Town, Paper Magazine, StyleCaster, The Last Magazine, Racked, Tokion, and Hero Magazine. Follow Yale Breslin on Twitter @themalcolmsite.