Meet Jasmine V, The 16-Year Old YouTube And Twitter Star

Kerry Pieri

If you don’t know Jasmine V‘s name yet, just give it a few minutes. This 16-year old music wunderkind counts Justin Bieber as a BFF she appeared as his love interest in his “Baby” video, turning just about every other teenage girl in the world a particular shade of green but she’s a mega talent in her own right and not one to latch onto coat tails.

Born Jasmine Villegas, this young talent who started out in Kanye West’s Jesus Walks video and had a stint on Disney’s That’s So Raven is of the 2010 celebrity sort. She adds on-average about 2,000 Twitter followers daily, and no worries, none of them are stilted with once in awhile updates like many girls her age, she’s a prolific Tweeter.

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She’s also a YouTube star in her own right. The online video platform is home to Jasmine V’s first ever music video, for her single, “Serious”, which has garnered nearly 2 million views to date. A little background? The young stunner personally conceived the concept for it. We sat down to get to know the preternaturally composed singer-actress, who told us a little about herself, and stopped the StyleCaster office cold when she broke out into her version of “Empire State of Mind.”

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