Meagan Tandy Is The Girl With The Guns: EXCLUSIVE

Aramide Tinubu
Meagan Tandy
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For the past two decades, popular culture has had a laser-sharp focus on the superhero genre. From Spider-Man to Iron Man–we’ve been enamored with various meta-humans from the Marvel and DC Universes. Unfortunately, only a handful of these superheroes have been women. Now, with The CW’s Batwoman, Meagan Tandy is proving that women hardly need superpowers to be badass.

Batwoman is set in Gotham–three years after Batman aka Bruce Wayne has vanished into thin air. In the caped crusader’s absence–Gotham is being protected by Jacob Kane and his military-grade Crows Private Security. However, the rise of the diabolical Alice (Rachel Skarsten) and the disappearance of Crows’ top security agent, Sophie Moore (Tandy) brings a new superhero to town.

Kate Kane (Ruby Rose)–Batman’s cousin and the daughter of Jacob Kane returns home to Gotham after a long absence. An out lesbian–Kate is still struggling with demons from her past and a heartwrenching end to her romantic relationship with Sophie. However, in her cousin’s absence and fearing for Sophie’s safety forces Kate to do the one thing her family is against–becoming the city’s new cloaked vigilante.

Ahead of Batwoman’s debut–STYLECASTER chatted with Tandy about the series, being a badass and why this is so much more than a “superhero” series.

“I absolutely love Sophie,” she exclaimed. “I feel like there are so many women out there who can identify with her. One of the cool things with her is that she’s just such a badass. She’s very, very strong. She’s very regimented. She’s not only very well educated, but she’s one of the top agents at the Crows right underneath Jacob Kane. I loved that because she’s a powerful woman. She inspires me anytime I pick up a script. The fact that Sophie is also in the DC universe. I mean there were no complaints on that one. It all drew me to it because it’s just an awesome thing overall.”

More than a series about a woman “saving her city”–Batwoman does a deep dive into social issues affecting our country today including LGBTQA+ issues and women’s rights. “I’ve always been an advocate for the LGBTQ community,” Tandy revealed. “I’ve always found myself standing up for them and supporting them over the years. The fact that there was an opportunity for me to be able to play this role just magnified my purpose. There are so many Sophie’s out there. Women who have fallen in love with other women, but they’re not sure how to deal with those feelings. These women who are in the military, in particular, are forced to do other things, but that’s not who they truly are. It was important for me to be able to explore this story because I feel like there are so many people out there who can identify. It’s more than just an acting job.”

As the head of the Crows–not only does Tandy have the opportunity to tell a compelling story in Batwoman–but she also has some dope weaponry and insane stunts to display. “I have to admit, that is probably literally, my most fun part about doing this job,” she explained. “I love any time I get to do a stunt sequence or a fight sequence. I’ve got an amazing stunt double, her name is Rochelle Okoye. She was my stunt double when I was on Unreal and she’s been literally, training me and showing me how to properly punch and fight and kick and now I can actually drop kick somebody.”

One of the most enticing things about Batwoman is that it weaves through the past and the present. Though we meet the characters in the present-day, the series slips back into time, unpacking prior events and giving the audience more context and backstory. “Yeah, I’m actually really enjoying that they’re spending time exploring the backstory so that you understand how they got to where they are,” Tandy said. “The really cool thing with Sophie is people have a lot to look forward to in the series because there’s going to be a couple of more flashbacks and you’re going to understand truly, why Sophie did what she had to do there. There’s a little bit more than what you see on the surface.”

Though The CW has an entire slate of superhero series including Supergirl–the Batwoman set also boasts a sisterhood and comradery that seeps through on the screen. “Honestly, it’s been great,” Tandy explained. “One of the cool things about this job is that the cast– we have all gelled together so well. Working with Ruby, anytime we’re able to get a few minutes or a few seconds or anytime that we’re able to work with each other on set, it’s honestly always so much fun. We’re always laughing. We’re always having a good time. Same thing with Rachel. I met Rachel about a year ago. We’ve got some mutual friends, from her show Reign at the time. The fact that we get to work with each other now is just, it’s just the icing on the cake.”

Though the Batwoman pilot brings us into this version of Gotham–Tandy cautions that everything isn’t exactly as it might appear. “I will say, what you’re first getting from Sophie, which is just a very regimented, strong, very well-skilled, former military now a Crows agent, you’re going to see that and you’re going to see that even strengthened throughout the series,” she expressed. “Whether or not she takes a dark turn, you’re just going to have to wait and see.”

In addition to Batwoman–Tandy is also focused on her philanthropic endeavor–The Meagan Tandy Foundation and getting back into film. “I would love to dive back into the movies,” she said. “I really do love doing TV series. They are so much fun. It’s definitely more routine because it’s week after week after week. We’re filming these little mini-movies. However, I would definitely love to hop onto an action film. I have been waiting to do something on a major action movie and that would be on the career side. On the personal, more philanthropic side, I’ve got The Meagan Tandy Foundation and I would love to just see that continue to grow. I love to empower and inspire young women and girls. I feel like being on a show like this is only going to increase my platform to be able to do so. That’s my goals is for both.”

Batwoman will debut October 6, 2019, on The CW.