McTega’s Otherworldly Jewelry Designs

McTega’s Otherworldly Jewelry Designs
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Sarah McLellan and Kristina Ortega met while interning at Rodarte. Both were pre-med majors who, upon discovering a shared love of the laboratory, decided to work together and fold their proclivity for science into fashion. The results of their experiment: Mctega, a line of otherworldly jewelry, ultra-luminescent resin cubes and rock crystal clusters haphazardly wrapped, threaded and suspended by multiple chains.

Our studio is like a chemistry lab. The more we experiment, the better the work, McLellan told Amy Flurry, a regular contributor to The Inside Source, eBays digital style magazine.

The LA-based designers, both 25, who launched their line in 2007, were Ecco Domanis Fashion Foundation accessories finalists in 2010. That same year, they expanded their collection to clothing. Made from fine Italian silks and translucent lam, their dresses, shorts and tops are showpieces for the multi-faceted resin compositions studded onto them. Currently, the designers are trying their hand at more wearable basics. (Clothing from $750 to $1500 and jewelry from $125 to $700)

Last fall, McLellan tracked down a pair of Vivienne Westwood classic black platforms on eBay to wear to McTega’s presentation in New York. I get all of my shoes and some great vintage handbags off eBay, she said. Its fun to craft your own style from looks that were cool a little bit ago.

Meredith Barnett is the Editorial Director for The Inside Source, a digital style magazine presented by eBay. The Inside Source writer Amy Flurry authored this article in its original form. Click here to read it in full and to check out the McTega founders eBay picks.

Photos courtesy of McTega