MC Hammer Thinks His New Search Engine Is Better Than Google

Spencer Cain

I don’t even know how to begin this one. MC Hammer, the man responsible for bringing parachute pants back into fashion (thanks, babe), has come out from whatever rock he was living under for the past ten years to make a big announcement.

Move over Bing and Google — the man, the myth, the legend has created a search engine called WireDoo that he thinks will outperform all the internet biggies and then some.

Apparently what will make this better than Google is the “deep search ability.”

“It’s about relationships beyond just the keywords,” he told Mashable. Okay, so I get where he’s coming from. Perhaps Google is a flawed operation in some regards, but it’s absolutely laughable that Seor Hammertime thinks he has a shot in hell of competing with like, the most popular search engine in the world.

(Ugh, men and their delusions!) Honestly I just don’t get it when people exert their energy into projects that clearly won’t work out. But hey — maybe he will prove me wrong.

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