How to Pull off Maximalist Decor Without Looking like a Hoarder

Kristen Bousquet
STYLECASTER | Decor Ideas | Maximalist Inspiration
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As chic as minimalism is (as Scandinavian brands and designers have proven over and over), for some people, simplicity doesn’t feel elegant—it just feels kinda snoozy. Whether it’s your taste or you’re just in the mood to tap into one of fall’s major trends—maximalism—we’re here to tell you exactly how to create a home where you put it all out there, without looking messy.

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From busy patterns on vintage bohemian rugs to displaying all your favorite loud, colorful books, trinkets, and collections, maximalism is all about mixing and matching, and making it all work together. In a word, more is more. But beware: There is a fine line between being a put-together maximalist and having your home look like you forgot to clean it before your guests arrived.

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Ahead, we gathered some of our favorite maximalist decor inspiration, so that next time you’re in the mood to channel your inner chic maximalist, you’ll have plenty of inspiration.