Max Irons Preps For Macy’s Modeling Gig and RPattz Stardom

Spencer Cain
Max Irons Preps For Macy’s Modeling Gig and RPattz Stardom
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Some may know Max Irons, 26, as the star of 2011’s Red Riding Hood, or perhaps you’ve seen him on the red carpet with his dad, legendary British actor/Oscar winner Jeremy Irons. But thanks to his new modeling campaign for Macy’s label INC, he’s about to come into his own in a major way.

The campaign will appear in a whopping 631 stores around America, so you might as well get familiar with his face now. Luckily, I had the opportunity to chat with Max yesterday as he was passing through New York before heading off to Baton Rouge where he’s filming his latest project, the highly-anticipated movie version of Stephenie Meyer‘s sci-fi bestseller, The Host.

The debonair Brit is beyond modest, and despite his natural abilities in front of the camera, is quick to dismiss any claims that he is a model in the truest sense. “I’m an actor first,” he explained. “It’s what I am trained in, and it’s what I dedicate most of my time to. I feel more comfortable doing that because I know how to do it.”

He also addressed the fact that being photographed can be a somewhat uncomfortable experience, which I’m sure we all understand — though not all of us are as good-looking and have a sexy accent. “There’s nothing between you and the camera,” he said. “All of your awkwardness can come out.”

Max has high hopes for the future, and naturally, would love to work with Meryl Streep on a film someday (who wouldn’t?). As for modeling, he’s seeing where it goes, but if you ask me, I think he’s a natural. Take a look at the full campaign in the gallery above and let me know what you think. (Oh, and try not to be too jealous that I got to hang out with him.)

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