These Skinny Jeans Are the Only Pair You Need to Own

Cristina Velocci

I’d always considered my relationship with jeans to be pretty normal: I wear them a couple times a week, mostly on the weekends, and won’t spend more than $150 on a “premium” pair. Then I did an inventory of my sagging denim drawer and came to the rather shocking realization that I own 39 pairs of jeans (40 if you count the ones I was wearing at the time of the excavation, though I’d rather not because that just sounds insane).

In theory, this means I could wear different jeans every day for more than a month straight. In reality, I return to one pair in particular over and over again: the Mavi Gold Alexa Skinny ($148).

For starters, everything about these skinnies is insanely flattering. Since they’re made with 4 percent elastane, the super-stretchy denim hugs every contour and curve, creating a slim-looking silhouette. The mid-rise cut sucks me in on days when I’m feeling bloated but also creates the illusion that my legs are miles long. Then, there’s the deep indigo wash that can hide a multitude of sins when it comes to both problem areas and stains.

That dark rinse also contributes to the jeans’ versatility—I can wear them almost anywhere and still look polished. Throw in the added bonus of these being comfortable enough to live in, and can you really blame me for wearing them on repeat?

With all the mileage (and washing) I put these skinnies through, you’d think they’d start to lose some of their shape, but after roughly a year of near-constant use, they’re as form-fitting and flexible as ever. I’m not about to question what sort of voodoo magic enables this to happen. The only thing I should be asking is, Why haven’t I thrown out all the other space-wasting denim in my closet?

Mavi Gold Alexa

Photo: Courtesy of Mavi

Mavi Gold Alexa Skinny in Deep Gold Reform XP, $148; at Mavi