Happy Birthday, Matthew McConaughey: We Rank His Rom-Coms From Worst to Best

Megan Segura
Happy Birthday, Matthew McConaughey: We Rank His Rom-Coms From Worst to Best
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When we think of Matthew McConaughey, three things come to mind: bongo drums, illegal substances, and romantic comedies. Yes, the actor has a penchant for starring in rom-coms, though he does sprinkle in more serious roles every once and again.

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To celebrate the actor’s 44th birthday, we’ve decided to rank his romantic comedies from worst to best, because—we have to admit—there are a few we can’t help but drop what we’re doing and watch every time they’re on.

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Click through the list above and tell us which rom-com you loved (and hated) the most.

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6. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
Ugh...This movie ranks as Matthew McConaughey's worst romantic comedy. The plot is a cheesy take on "A Christmas Carol" and shows McConaughey's womanizing character Connor relive his past relationship errors and trying to fix the future with his love interest, played by Jennifer Garner. You can get a taste for just how bad it is by watching the trailer.

5. Failure to Launch
When making this rom com, we're sure the producers thought they had an instant hit on their hands, especially after casting Sarah Jessica Parker as McConaughey's leading lady. Unfortunately, the two did not make for a convincing couple, and the plot was too contrived — a 35-year-old man (McConaughey) refuses to grow up and move out of his parent's house, so the parents hire SJP's character to pretend to be in a relationship with him and motivate him to move out. Um, yeah. 


4. My Boyfriend's Back
Ok, so McConaughey only has a bit part in this movie, but we still had to incldue it. It centers on a guy who ends up being killed in the process of winning over a popular girl in his high school, and he comes back from the dead to take her out. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Renée Zellweger, and Matthew Fox all make appearances, too. 

3. Fool's Gold
After the success of "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days," Kate Hudson and McConaughey paired up again for "Fool's Gold," a movie about an estranged married couple who reunites in search of treasure. The plot is pretty cheesy, but we can't help but love Hudson. 

2. The Wedding Planner
Jennifer Lopez and McConaughey seem like an unlikely couple, but somehow it just worked in "The Wedding Planner." Lopez plays an uptight —what else— wedding planner who ends up falling in love with one of the grooms she's planning for. We can't help but watch this rom com every time it's on. 

1. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
After all the bad romantic comedies McConaughey has been in, this movie kind of makes up for it. Kate Hudson plays a magazine editor who's writing a story about all the things women do wrong in relationships, and her victim is McConaughey. The two are so cute together, we're actually disappointed they're not a couple in real life. 

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