Cool Trend To Try: Matching Your Manicure To Your Handbag

Julie Gerstein

112113 kara 08 Cool Trend To Try: Matching Your Manicure To Your Handbag

We once had an elementary school teacher in Fort Worth, Texas, who loved coordinating her dresses, to her handbags, to her hair scarves — every single outfit contained each element, and they were all made from the same fabric. It was her signature look.

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The updated version of that? Matching your manicure to your bag, as evidenced by the amazing mani-bag duo we’ve just seen on KARA designer Sarah Law. Law teamed up with Brooklyn manicurist Holly Lynn Falcone to create a manicure to match the calf hair used through much of Law’s latest collection.

The instructions on how to get the calf hair manicure are over on Opening Ceremony’s site (it’s not as hard as you think!), but we wanted to know if Falcone had any particular tips on what works best, when it comes to choosing a bag design to mimic on your nails. Her words of wisdom? Choose bags and accessories with fun textures, and textures that occur naturally.

“Usually textures that naturally occur are easier for some reason,” she advises. “Hair and fur have so much dimension.” For the calf hair manicure, she layered the colors and then used a brush to pull up the darker colors underneath. And getting the color right is a key part of making the matchy thing work. “Color is always really important so spend some time making you have the right polish.”

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Another cool idea for getting a matching look: “If the material has a texture, sometimes when your manicure is almost completely dry, you can imprint the texture onto the nail.” But of course, be sure that the polish is almost totally set. Otherwise you run the risk of damaging your bag, and your nails.