Matching Holiday Gifts Your Best Friend (and You) Will Love

Kristen Bousquet
Matching Holiday Gifts Your Best Friend (and You) Will Love
Photo: Christian Vierig/Getty Images

You guys, Christmas shopping is hard. You don’t want to skip getting a present for someone and hurt their feelings, but how the hell are you supposed to know what your mom’s second cousin twice removed really wants this holiday season? Most of the time we barely know what to get for our immediate family. But shopping for our BFFs, that’s when the fun starts—especially since our tastes usually match.

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Which is why matching gifts are totally apropos. “One for you, one for me” has always been our favorite holiday mantra. From necklaces to t-shirts to phone cases, these trinkets don’t take themselves too seriously, and will surely make your best friend’s day. Bonus: You get to keep half the present.

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Click through the slideshow to check out 21 matching things to give your bestie.

Originally published December 2014. Updated November 2017.

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