Matchbook Magazine: A Pretty Site for Pretty People

Matchbook Magazine: A Pretty Site for Pretty People
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We are always thrilled to welcome a new online style destination to consume our time and fulfill our cravings for lovely things. The newest player on the scene is Matchbook Magazine, a monthly digital publication that labels itself as a ‘Field Guide To A Charmed Life.’ The issues are edited by Editorial Director Katie Armour of The NeoTraditionalist blogging popularity, and Creative Director Jane Lilly Warren, daughter of revered Cupcake Caf owner Ann Warren, and maintain the common thread described as “traditional with a twist.” The content covers a broad range of interests, including fashion, beauty, dcor, travel and culture. The premiere edition honors its “nod to the classics” aesthetic featuring industry names like Lela Rose and Jemma Kidd.

Matchbook Magazine celebrated its launch last night at the Coach SoHo boutique. Rita Konig, Whitney Pozgay of WHIT, and Jason Cauchi of Dallin Chase were among the fashion forward in attendance to sip some libations and look at pretty things.

Click through for the well-dressed pics and keep an eye out next week for Co-Editor, Katie Armour, as a guest blogger for Coach starting on Wednesday.