Mask Brackets Are Officially The Most 2021 Accessory Ever

Bella Gerard
Mask Brackets Are Officially The Most 2021 Accessory Ever
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All in all, 2020 wasn’t exactly a trend-filled year, but there was one very necessary trend that certainly took off: face masks. If you wear them, thank you! If you don’t, catch me outside (six feet apart, of course). Face masks have been essential in slowing the spread of the coronavirus, and as masks have transitioned from encouraged to essential, people have gone above and beyond to make wearing them more enjoyable. The best advancement to date? The mask bracket, by far.

First, we all wore pale blue disposable masks from wherever we could buy them. Now, we shop for masks the way we shop for shoes, sweaters and jewelry—we read reviews, consider fabrics and take into account our own personal style. My favorite mask might be a lightweight, floral cotton; yours might be a breathable black sweat-wicking material made for your return to the gym. Different strokes for different folks, as they say!

With the rise of masks comes, of course, the rise in mask accessories. Yep, this accessory can be accessorized further! Mask chains and charms made their way onto the Instagram pages of influencers all 2020 long, and now I’m here to present you with a brand-new mask accessory that’s a bit more function over fashion. This one is felt, not seen, but believe me, it makes all the difference.

Meet the mask bracket
, the most exciting thing since news of the Pfizer vaccine.

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Personally, my biggest issue with my mask is when it actually touches my mouth. It can feel sweaty or moist, and make talking far more difficult. Cue the mask bracket
, a little piece of plastic to be placed between mouth and mask to create some distance. This little baby gives you just enough breathing room to make wearing a mask way more comfortable. They’re all over Amazon right now, but the ones linked above have a whopping 6,981 ratings with an overall four out of five stars.

The best part? Most of those reviews include high praise. “I am really happy with this item. It fits well and comfortably against my face, and fits well under my masks,” says Amazon reviewer and teacher Bren. “The biggest advantage is that it keeps the mask off my nose & mouth, which allows me to breathe much better and keeps me from feeling claustrophobic. I was frequently out of breathe when wearing masks before, and think these will improve that substantially, especially as a teacher about to go back to the classroom.”

STYLECASTER | Mask Brackets

Courtesy of KDRose.

Another Amazon reviewer, Torie, agrees that the mask bracket is a total game-changer. “I barely feel it
on my face. I’m not sucking in my mask gasping for air. My mask isn’t moist against my face anymore and my speech is clearer too. I have been struggling with masks since returning to work full time and this makes it doable.”

Torie also notes that the brackets (sold in packs of five or 10!) work for a variety of faces. “I also have several different sized faces in my house and through they fit everyone a little different they fit. If you are on the fence don’t be. I’s worth the money and you get five.”

I’m a notorious Amazon impulse-shopper, but this time around, I definitely don’t think I’ll be regretting my purchase. If you, too, struggle with mask claustrophobia, get yourself a mask bracket and breathe easier while doing your part to keep others safe.

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