The Best Mask Straps & Accessories To Make Wearing One Way More Fun

Maggie Griswold
The Best Mask Straps & Accessories To Make Wearing One Way More Fun
Photo: Courtesy of Pretty Connected. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

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You’ve likely already stocked up on cute, Instagram-worthy face masks these last few months, so let’s take it a step further and add some mask accessories, shall we? What started this past spring as a hunt for cloth face masks (any cloth face masks) turned into a hunt for pretty cloth face masks—which, in turn, became a hunt for ways to make wearing said masks more fun. Enter: mask straps, chains and other accessories that turn your (necessary) face mask into a full-blown lewk.

If you’re skeptical about adding accessories—and, in particular, a chain—to your mask, I hear you. But these beauts aren’t your grandma’s glasses chain. Both chunky and dainty chains and straps have had a major comeback (They look really cute on sunglasses, FYI!), and the trend has transitioned seamlessly to work with all your favorite face masks. Typically, you just clip the accessories onto your mask and go! Before you know it, your safety measure will become a vital part of your outfit.

Of course, there are chains and other mask accessories for all types of styles. You could opt for a pearl-adorned mask chain to give your mask a bit of a 1920s or preppy vibe, for one. Or, pair your simple black face mask with a colorful mask to spice things up. You can also go with a classic gold link mask chain , too—especially if you’re really into 2020’s jewelry trends. And if chains aren’t your thing, there are headbands and hair clips to help you keep your mask looking cute AF as well! Quite frankly, there are almost too many options—so we narrowed them down for you.

Below, you’ll find 12 cute mask accessories to shop. From sleek and sophisticated mask chains to innovative ways to make your mask look stand out, there’s a little something for everyone. If we’re all wearing masks this season and beyond, let’s make them fun to wear.

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1. Pearl Mask Lanyard

STYLECASTER | Mask Accessories

Courtesy of BON & WIN.

This Pearl Mask Lanyard is perfect for adding a little bit of old school vibes to your ensemble. I like the idea of pairing it with a silk face mask for a chic and upscale look.


2. Link Mask Chain

STYLECASTER | Mask Accessories

Courtesy of LEYSTARE.

This classic gold Link Mask Chain will probably work well with all of your masks. And when you’re just hanging out at home, it also works as a cute necklace!


3. Rainbow Mask Lanyard

STYLECASTER | Mask Accessories

Courtesy of BON & WIN.

Calling all maximalists! This Rainbow Mask Lanyard will be a welcome addition to any color-filled wardrobe—and a super fun choice for doing a little color clashing, too.


4. Tortoise Mask Lanyard

STYLECASTER | Mask Accessories

Courtesy of BON & WIN.

I love a good tortoise pattern, and this Tortoise Mask Lanyard is definitely calling my name. You could wear this beaut with a simple black mask or pair it with a fun deep pink or mustard mask.


5. Beaded Face Mask Holder

STYLECASTER | Mask Accessories

Courtesy of Yofair.

This Beaded Face Mask Holder works as both a mask chain and a glasses chain—not to mention it’s just a cute little accessory! Even when you no longer wear your face masks, you can still use this chain.


6. Chain And Bead Mask Holder

STYLECASTER | Mask Accessories

Courtesy of 2028.

OK, this Chain and Bead Mask Holder is low-key elegant. If you’re in the market for something a little less trendy and little more sophisticated, opt for this one.


7. Button Headband

STYLECASTER | Mask Accessories

Courtesy of 2True.

Now this little contraption right here is so cool. You just take this Button Headband and attach your face mask to it. That way, no straps pull at the back of your ears or head. Genius!


8. Puffed Heart Sunglass Chain

STYLECASTER | Mask Accessories

Courtesy of Lele Sadoughi.

For a gold mask chain with a little bit of flare, you can’t go wrong with the Lele Sadoughi Puffed Heart Sunglass Chain. It’s the subtle statement piece your face mask collection needs.


9. Face Mask Chains

STYLECASTER | Mask Accessories

Courtesy of Dear Soho.

Dear Soho on Etsy has so many cute face mask chains from which you can choose. Honestly, I’m planning on adding every color to my cart. And for under $15, who wouldn’t?


10. Face Mask Chain Strap

STYLECASTER | Mask Accessories

Courtesy of Pretty Connected.

Hello, color! The Face Mask Straps from Pretty Connected come in six (!) different hues, so you can mix and match with your favorite masks all day long.


11. Fashion Hair Clips Set

STYLECASTER | Mask Accessories

Courtesy of SYEENIFY.

Here’s a life hack for you: Use cute hair clips to hold up your mask so it doesn’t hurt your ears! It’s a fun and easy way to use this must-have accessory, and I’m obsessed.


12. Marble Face Mask Holder

STYLECASTER | Mask Accessories

Courtesy of Jules Kae.

Jules Kae has the cutest face mask chains—and I’m particularly fond of this marble one. I own both this color and the black and gold option on the site, and can confirm they are gorgeous (and perfectly chunky)!

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