Tragic: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Won’t Act Again

Spencer Cain

Even though we all came to know and love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen from their acting careers, which began on Full House and continued to a series of ridiculous straight-to-video movies that were so amazing I can’t even begin, the most famous twins in the world are turning their backs on showbusiness to focus full-time on their thriving fashion lines.

I suppose I would retire at 25 as well if I was already worth over a billion dollars and I was the head designer of multiple outrageously popular lines, including The Row and Elizabeth and James. Ashley recently confided to British Elle, stating, “I wanted to work on other things. It doesn’t mean I’m not interested in Hollywood. I like the way it operates, I like the people who are involved and the sense of possibility. But if I ever get back in, it’s not going to be as an actress.”

Mary-Kate agreed with her sister, saying, “It just felt right to move away.” Since they have left, their younger sister Elizabeth has taken the acting reins, and is one of the most buzzed about actresses in Hollywood. While the Olsens move on to bigger and better things, let’s take a moment to remember their illustrious film careers. What was your favorite flick starring the twins? Mine was Holiday in the Sun. Hands. Down.

In honor of their foray into the full-time world of fashion, click through the gallery above for some of their best looks! Oh, and celebrate their birthday with a look at how they went from child stars to fashion icons!