Mary-Kate Olsen’s Dating Life Is Not a ‘Priority’ Following Her Olivier Sarkozy Divorce

Mary-Kate Olsen

Some hopeless romantics are already wondering if Mary-Kate Olsen is dating after her Olivier Sarkozy divorce, and the answer is pretty simple. Right now, the 34-year-old fashion designer is “in no rush” to start dating again, says an Entertainment Tonight insider.

It hasn’t been long since Olsen and Sarkozy’s divorce battle in May. “The inks not even dry!” affirms ET’s source. But the insider agrees that Olsen will “no doubt” find love again, but all in due time. For now, finding a new partner just isn’t a main priority for the Disney Channel alum. “There is no shortage of things in her life that bring her joy right now.” According to the outlet, Olsen is trying to keep her mind off the “nasty” divorce by taking up multiple work opportunities, spending time with friends, and eating out to support the restaurant industry—in the Hamptons, that is. “Mary Kate is naturally a homebody,” concludes ET’s source, “But lately she’s been pushing herself to get out and keep busy.”

Olsen and Sarkozy’s split came after nearly five years of marriage. The pair married in November 2015, but were together for three years prior to that. Olsen first filed for divorce from 51-year-old Sarkozy in April 2020 after the French banker’s lawyers told her she needed to move out of the couple’s New York City apartment. According to Olsen, Sarkozy had terminated their lease without her knowledge or consent and gave her until May 18 to leave the property. Due to the ongoing health crisis, the fashion designer filed for an emergency court order in an attempt to expedite the divorce process and prohibit Sarkozy from disposing of her belongings from the property. At the time, New York City courts were not accepting any divorce filings except emergency ones. Ultimately, however, Olsen’s emergency filing was denied by a judge, and she had to wait until the end of May for court hearings to reopen.

In the interim, MK ended up moving in with her twin sister, Ashley Olsen, after she was kicked out of her home. According to a source with E! News at the time, “Things had gotten very ugly between them,” they said regarding Olsen’s divorce from Sarkozy. It became a very “heated divorce. She’s done with constant drama.”

Some believe that Olsen and Sarkozy’s split was caused because the couple couldn’t agree on having children. Sarkozy, who already has two children of his own from a previous marriage, was reportedly not interested in having more. Meanwhile, Olsen was. “A few years ago, having a baby was not a priority for her. This has changed,” a source told People. “Olivier has two grown kids and doesn’t want more. Mary-Kate thought he would budge on that and he hasn’t.”

An insider also told the outlet that Olsen and Sarkozy’s lifestyles often clashed. “Olivier is a party boy and a big spender. He loves the high life,” the source said. “Mary-Kate prefers to be quiet and alone and doing the things she likes. She’s not that interested in socializing—she likes small gatherings with select people. They ended up being apart quite a bit.”


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