Mary-Kate and Ashley Post First Selfie Ever, Breaking Vow of All-Reaching Seriousness

Contrary to popular belief, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are totally normal people, completely not above posting selfies to Instagram along with the best of us. Or at least that’s the vibe they’re shilling today, as part of Sephora’s IG takeover, where the duo aired their (drumroll, please) very. first. selfie. ever. 

Make that “public” selfie. As their caption acknowledged, the twins have likely aimed the camera at themselves on plenty of occasions, because—who hasn’t? Until now, though, no one was the wiser, except their iPhone camera roll and, perhaps, their near-and-dear. But all of that has changed now. And as we all know, it’s a slippery slope. Today, it’s a tasteful black-and-white shot; tomorrow, who can say?

In all seriousness, MK & A are usually all about, um, seriousness, trying to stay out of the public eye as much as two super-famous people can; when the spotlight reaches them, it’s usually all poker faces and decorum. This photo is not a deviation from that, except for the fact that it appears on Sephora’s Instagram. Since their selfie, they’ve also posted four other images, tagged @ElizandJames and hashtagged #SephoraTakeover.

Aaaand back to their regularly dignified natures: The four photos involve airy fashion photos, twin green salads, handbag materials, and a purse craftsman. Le yawn is restored.