#ThrowbackThursday: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Most Ridiculous Outfits Ever

Spencer Cain

It’s hard not to get inspired by #ThrowbackThursday—the nostalgic viral hashtag that has Instagram and Twitter constantly posting old-school photos of, well, pretty much anything. That said, we’ve decided to contribute in our own small way by bringing you a quick throwback picture or video of one of our favorite fashion personalities or celebrities—way before they hit it big.

It’s truly hard to believe that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (forever known to many as simply “the Olsen twins”) turn 27 years old today. After all, they have accomplished more in less than three decades than the majority of people in the world can even dream of. From their shared first role as Michelle Tanner on classic sitcom “Full House” at six months old, to their current perch as the rising queens of the fashion world thanks to successful brands like Elizabeth and James and their impossibly chic high-style line The Row, it’s been quite a ride to the top.

Along the way, there have definitely been some bumps in the road. As Mary-Kate and Ashley grew up, the tabloid media industry exploded—and they often found themselves on the receiving end of some majorly bad press for everything from eating disorders to controversial style to Mary-Kate’s questionable relationship with the late Heath Ledger. But we’ve never, ever seen these girls sweat.

While it’s quite easy to just remember their chicest moments, we thought we would take a look back today at ten of their most ridiculous ensembles—from genie costumes to boho-chic gone wrong to the recent Met Gala.

Click through the slideshow above for more!

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