Martin Margiela’s Rumored Resignation


If Maison Martin Margiela were a New York City bar, it would be Angel’s Share, or PDT, or Back Room, or any of the other hidden, secretive, password-encrypted boites that only the most chic, uber-hip flock to like a cult of the in-the-know.

MMM is the most secretive* fashion house out there. Its creative director, Martin Margiela, a Belgian designer, is as known for his avant-garde work as he is for being a recluse. He never talks to press, and there are virtually no pictures of him circulating. You have to admire an artist like him who shuns the attention and so clearly is in the game for the love of the craft, not the notoriety.

Now there is word on the street that Margiela might be leaving the helm of his eponymous company. Who would replace the venerable designer? Who would supply us split-toed boots, and shoulder braces and day-glo leather fingerless gloves?

It might just be another rumor rippling through the ranks. But Margiela, who has been at his company for 20 years might have had his fill of fashion and be ready to branch into other genres.

*Margiela keeps his clothing as anonymous as possible, too, leaving off his name in exchange for a simple blank tag sewn on with four pick stitches. (Fashion insiders know to identify his garments from the outside by dint of these stitches; I found it highly annoying when I couldn’t determine who had made the most flattering t-shirt I ever put on…)

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