Mars In Gemini 2022 Will Spread Rumors Like Wildfire, So Be Careful What You Say & How You Say It

Roya Backlund
Mars In Gemini 2022 Will Spread Rumors Like Wildfire, So Be Careful What You Say & How You Say It
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Whenever a planet enters the next zodiac sign, it always changes the energy and paves the way for something new. Right before things start getting too stagnant, astrology always kicks up speed once again, showing us all something exciting and different. Pay attention to what Mars in Gemini will bring you, because this is quite possibly the most important transit in all of 2022.

In astrology, each planetary shift holds its own special meaning. Some celestial bodies enter a new zodiac sign relatively frequently. After all, it takes the moon just 2.5 days to cross over each threshold, and it only takes Mercury around three weeks to make its way through every sign. Of all the planets that have an important influence on your personality, Mars moves at a slightly slower speed. Taking around six to seven weeks to complete its journey through a zodiac sign, the planet of drive, passion and aggression influences the energetic tone over a longer period of time, making the zodiac sign it moves through that much more meaningful. And because Gemini is one of the most infamous and mischievous signs in all the zodiac, this transit is bound to rock your world.

Your experience with this year’s Mars in Gemini will be more memorable than you could ever possibly imagine. When Mars was moving through Taurus—the zodiac sign of its debilitation—it was sleepy, slow and stagnant, forcing you to take pause. Now that Mars is in zany, chipper and clever Gemini, you’re about to flip the “on” switch and take full advantage of your brainpower. However, that’s only the beginning of what this rollercoaster ride holds.

Mars In Gemini 2022

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What Does Mars Represent In Astrology?

In astrology, Mars is one of the most important planets in your birth chart. After all, it’s one of the inner planets, which have the strongest influence on your personality. This group of planets also include the sun, the moon, Mercury and Venus, which are all celestial bodies that impact your sense of self, your emotional nature and the way your relationships unfold. Mars is no different.

This red-hot planet rules over courage, conflict, combat, drive, ambition and sexuality. It has strong ties to your ego and your overall sense of pride, making it one of the first planets to kick into gear whenever you feel threatened or attacked. In your birth chart, Mars describes the way you express anger, passion and desire. It has an influence on the way you react when someone insults you. If your Mars is in impulsive and assertive Aries, you might just call them out immediately without a second thought. However, if your Mars is in balanced, diplomatic and conflict-averse Libra, you might react in a way that feels more avoidant and courteous to the offender’s feelings.

Whenever Mars enters a new zodiac sign, it shifts the tone of everyone’s impulses. It alters the way we, as a collective, experience anger and treat our pride. It influences the way you connect with each other on a more primal and carnal level. It changes the way we go after the goal.

STYLECASTER | Mars In Gemini 2022

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What Is Mars In Gemini 2022?

Mars enters Gemini on August 20—at 3:56 a.m. ET, to be exact—and it’s a pretty big deal. After all, Mars isn’t staying in Gemini for the cursory six to seven weeks; instead, it will remain in Gemini for a whopping 7 months. Before we get into the reasons for this dynamite planet’s extended stay in such a quirky and complicated zodiac sign, let’s talk about what Mars in Gemini will look like and feel like.

Gemini is a zodiac sign that’s all about communication and connection. Ruled by clever and intelligent Mercury, this zodiac sign is always asking questions and trying to learn more about all sorts of different subjects. That makes Mars in Gemini a powerful time to dive into your studies, write that novel you’ve been dreaming of and socialize with your friends. However, because Mars in Gemini will encourage you to consume more information than you can keep up with, it will also pave the way for gossip to run rampant. Miscommunications could lead to salacious rumors, especially if certain details are taken out of context. What you say has the power to travel far, so make sure you’re saying that you mean and meaning what you say. And because Mars will also station retrograde in Gemini, this transit is bound to lead to some pretty damning revelations.

STYLECASTER | Mars in Gemini 2022

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When Is Mars Retrograde?

Mars will station retrograde on October 30 at 25 degrees Gemini, but you’ll start feeling the disorienting effects of this phenomenon as early as September 3 (when Mars enters the pre-shadow phase). Lasting all the way until January 12, 2023, this retrograde is one of the most challenging retrogrades you can experience. Luckily, it only happens roughly every 2 years (or 26 months, to be exact).

When Mars stations retrograde, it can lead to a myriad of disorienting and irritating effects. One of the most obvious is a noticeable decrease in energy, as Mars is one of the most powerful and motivating planets of all. It can also lower your libido, making your sex life a contentious topic during this time. And because you might be feeling more listless and lethargic than usual, Mars retrograde lead to bursts of frustration that arise when you least expect it. After all, too much stagnation over a long period of time can cause you to freak out and act on impulse.

Expect awkward misunderstandings to lead to angry confrontations and heated debates.

Because Mars will be retrograding through Gemini—a zodiac sign that loves to talk—you can expect awkward misunderstandings to lead to angry confrontations and heated debates in which sharp words are exchanged. Boredom can also encourage everyone to start talking behind each other’s backs and spreading rumors with ease.

This retrograde comes to an end on January 12, 2023 at 8 degrees Gemini and Mars will not enter Cancer until March 25, 2023, making this a *very* long chapter of our lives. Although this experience will likely grind your nerves down to a pulp, the personal growth it always leads to is exponential. This Mars retrograde will encourage you to rethink what inspires and motivates you. It will force you to become more discerning about what information you choose to trust. And most importantly, this retrograde will teach you that words can be as sharp as knives and as soft as rose petals. How will you allow it to influence yours?

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