Markus Molinari, Bon Vivant


Markus Molinari knows how to live life and enjoys every minute of it. He was born and raised in Northern California and now resides in Hollywood, where he focuses on doing what he loves: acting and entertaining others. Originally getting his start in theater, Markus eventually recognized his talent for film which led him to LA Film School, where he honed his acting skills and developed an eye for directing and editing. Markus is most often recognized from his work on Fox’s “Quintuplets” and “Summerland,” and he is excited to be working on his own blog

Name: Markus Daniel Molinari

Age: 28

Occupation: Actor/Blogger/Entrepreneur/Bon Vivant

Location: Hollywood

1.Where are you originally from and do you have siblings?

I’m from Northern California. I went to pre-school on top of the Eastmont Mall in Oakland, CA. That’s where I learned how to double-dutch jump rope. I have two older sisters.

2. What is your go-to shopping destination?

In LA – Melrose Place area, Supra store, YSL, Coquette etc. New York – SoHo area. Japan – Harajuku.

3. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

That’s hard to do; not sure if it’s possible to describe me in one sentence. I asked some friends and this is what they came up with:

Mother Darling: “My son is smart, witty, kind and lovable.” (Of course.)

Katy Perry: “Markus is hilarious, addictive, but not always good for you.” (She always has to get in a jab.)

Perez Hilton: “Markus Molinari is a legend.” (Who am I to argue with that?)

Ferras: “Markus is hilarious, hedonistic bon vivant, who enjoys the finest things in life, like the company of his friends, fabulous parties, travel experiences – someone who is dependable and who doesn’t take life too seriously- a very good friend.” (Looks like I’m paying for dinner)

Shannon Woodward: “Dracula meets Jackie O with Tarina Tarantino on top.”

Mia Moretti: “Extravaganzaaaaa!” (She’s a DJ.)

Josh Groban: “Markus is an enigmatic creature with colorful plumage and an attraction to photography.” (I told him to say that.)

4. What is the ultimate item on your wish list this season?

Well if I had to choose one, I would have to say a tuxedo jacket from Neil Barrett’s Spring 2009 collection.

5. Who are your favorite designers?

This is cliche, but Tom Ford. For women, I’m really crushing on “The Blonds.” David & Phillipe Blond are doing some really incredible stuff. Tres glamorous!

6. What is your favorite tradition?

Men’s Fashion Week.

7. If your life were made into a movie, who would you want to star as you? Why?

Andrew Garfield, because he has already won a BAFTA for Best Actor, so he must be good. Although I am considerably better looking, I think he would have the better chance at winning an Oscar.

8. If you had a time machine, which style era would you visit first?

I think the ’20s. Men had to always be dressed up. I love that!

9. If you could be on the cover of any magazine in the world, what would it be and what would you wear?

L’Uomo Vogue Magazine. In a wedding dress by Vivienne Westwood. Or anything by Alexander McQueen.

10. If you could emulate the style of a fictional character, who would it be?

The Mad Hatter in “Alice In Wonderland.”

11. Tell us about the five pieces you find yourself buying, wearing, and replacing over and over again.

I don’t really have five replaceable pieces per say, but if I must name a few then black V-necks by American Apparel, Acqua perfume by Missoni and black skinny jeans by Corpus.

12. What is one beauty product you can’t imagine living life without?

Kiehl’s Eye Alert.

13. Tell us about your signature drink- what is it, where do you get it?

It changes, but for now its Jameson and ginger. You can get it at any bar.

14. It’s your Final Supper; who’s there and what meal do you ask for?

Katy Perry, Ferras, Shannon Woodward, John Terzian, Mia Moretti, Johnny Wujek, Rihanna and dancer Roberto Bolle. We would have a Thanksgiving meal prepared by Julia Child.

15.Tell us about your bff relationship with Katy Perry and how that began?

Katy and I are like one person. It’s hard to describe it; we just make each other happy. I met Katy through a friend of mine that she was dating. They broke up and she wrote “Ur So Gay.” We became inseparable.

16. What movie could you watch 30 times and still love unconditionally??

It’s a documentary made in the ’80s called “Paris Is Burning.”

17. What theme song best describes your life?

“Hollywoods Not America” by singer Ferras mixed with Disturbia by Rihanna ending with “Queen Of The Night” by Whitney Houston.

18. What inspires you?

My friends!

19. I’m sure the people who read your blog, take your pic, watch your films, or see you rock out with Katy wanna know, are you still on the market?

I’m very single.

20. What’s next?

Dinner. She’s real hungry!